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  • I know it sounds kind of silly, an alternative of an alternative.. haha!! Anyway, here’s a preview of another customizable WP template courtesy of your own! 🙂
    I’m not done yet but I want to know what everybody thinks. Do we need another custom template? Am I lame for copying Mike’s idea? Etc.. etc…

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  • what is ‘alternative’ about it exactly?

    looked at it again and now I see the border is a bit wider. ok, sorry about that.

    /jaw drops
    Honestly it doesn’t remind me of Kubrik at all, I think it can stand on its own without being labeled an ‘alternative’. How fast does everything load?

    Moderator James Huff


    Interesting, will you be making this available?

    Looks nice.

    Looks wunderfull!
    Could you pls contact me,
    I would love to test it! wunderfull layout and it’s not alternative.
    Maybe it’s not unique but it’s a from you and that’s unique enough!

    It’s just an idea, right now it’s still in the form of a mock-up in Photoshop. blogbuster I’ll drop you a line if I decide to port this into WP. I could use some help with the XHTML/CSS tho, anyone wanna volunteer? I’ll keep working on the iface and get back to you when I come up with something I’m happy with! 🙂

    When it’ll be avaible? I’m lookin forward to try it

    I am ready to help you achieve ! 🙂

    I love it!
    I would love to have an alternative, because I love to change skins!

    Jerm, your designs have improved tremendously. are you still planning to release this one. It looks very clean indeed

    Looks very nice! Keep up the good work. I am willing to help out on the xhtml/css coding side. You can contact me through my mailform:

    Are the any online articles that you can suggest I read to learn how to do a layout like that myself ??

    rvblog, probably quite a mission. i’ve just managed to integrate wordpress into the same design as my static pages and wiki.

    you have a real hand at html and css. i don’t know php though, and managed. it’s best to have your own apache server with php, mysql and wordpress to play on. then you just need to be good at hacking, and play around with the stuff in the templates directory. it does make sense. kwiki has a easier template system. so without first having managed to integrate that, i might not have managed wordpress.

    one thing. it’s a lot lot easier to create a template, to modify a template to near what you want and then to create static parts of your page to fit a simple template. don’t like me make a complicated layout for your site and then want to integrate your blog into it.

    jerm, your template is looking great. love those smooth gradients. just keep developing it until you can call it a design.

    Great looking! Looking forward to your first release!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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