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  • I switched over to wordpress a few weeks ago and since then have gone through a couple redesigns trying to find something that I liked. This weekend I decided to scrap everything I had done up to that point, and start over from Kubrick. I’ve barely made any changes to the theme, but I was just wondering whether
    1) it works with all browsers (I’ve only checked IE and Firefox)
    2) it looks ok (Is it unbalanced? Is it too Kubrick? …)

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  • i wouldn’t say too kubrick to be honest – it looks individual enough, far more individual than many where it’s a case of changing just the header. it’s a good modification. i would say the only thing you may want to do is use paragraphs for your text – simple so it makes it easier to read and adds some space rather than clutter to the text.

    It’s clean, it’s light, and I like it.

    Thanks, I can do that.

    Clean and easy to read, though I’ll second the use of Paragraphs to break apart the entry text. The banner image is great!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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