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  • I have the new flickr plugin installed at (enter the Misc. gallery for the problem related to this post)
    The css for the plugin sets a width of x pixels (wide enough to have two photos side by side when in a gallery view (instead of how they are now which is directly under each other (notice the last two pics)…of course if a pic is Portrait as opposed to landscape it works fine, but most all my pics are Landscape. When I try to increase the css pixels, it throws my Sidebar menu UNDER the content of the site which of course is aggrivating (and only a problem in IE as appearently it won’t read any type of overlap).
    Anyone have any idea how I can extend the margins of the site? Simply pushing the “margin-left” part of the sidebar css moves it out of the way but still won’t allow me to increase the variable in the flickr part of the css….Grrr..Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • I had thought about that myself alphaoide, its just that if I do that, I have to insert some type of HOME navigation links…hmm, maybe I’ll resort to that for the time being though…Thanks for the suggestion

    alphaoide, would i just stick that code into my gallery.php file? Not sure how to insert it..(as I don’t know much about php)

    Yea, I could just pull out the sidebar div’s in the gallery.php…I just hate not having any navigation links while people are in the gallery…I guess I could work some up though…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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