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  • Has anyone noticed has modified a default Kubrick template to be used on Blogger sites?

    I understand under Creative Commons license nothing illegal has been done, BUT…

    It all seems a bit sleezy considering the only mention of the original is in the CSS and has been modified in the footer to read: “Powered by Blogger. Design adapted from Blogger Templates.”

    Anyone’s thoughts?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Blogger = Google.
    Since when do Google concern themselves with either copyright or intellectual property rights ?

    So its the good old double standard, eh? NOT ok to copy blogger designs for use anywhere else, but IS ok for google/blogger to steal whatever it wants.

    I think I might release Mr Moto after all. Hang the consequences.

    You’re probably correct podz, they never have.

    Google has become the new MS, seems like. Wonder whatever happened to “do no evil”? Oh, I know! Google now has investors who must be paid….

    Uh-oh don’t get me started on investors and money and globalisation and who and what really decides whats going to happen on this planet (not google. or MS. or Steve jobs. yet.) I think I still need that old blog that I dumped. Either that or take Hamarana in another direction. sighhh.

    working on blogger theme clones….

    Let me know when you get some ready to roll…. and don’t get me started either (opinionated, obstinate, obnoxious, and obstreperous are only a few of my “middle names” – and those are my better qualities!)

    Well it does say Kubrick. They als ohave themes from LJ. I think the idea is to help transitioning bloggers onto their site. Although it would be nice of them to put an author link somewhere. What does Michael have as far as copyright goes on this theme? I’d notify him, but his contact form is down. Anybody got his email address?

    “[I]t would be nice of them to put an author link somewhere.”

    Check the footer on Blogger’s Kubrick page. Also please note Michael links to the port on his Kubrick page (check the sidebar).

    My (only) problem with Blogger’s version is that Kubrick is released under the GPL, but they make no mention of this in the source that I can find (thereby breaking the license).


    I noted the lack of a GPL mention also. That’s why I thought the entire thing is slezzy!

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Well, we don’t mention the GPL in the source either.

    Anyway, the source is provided, so I don’t see anything to get worked up about.

    Ryan, we don’t?

    And I agree this is hardly pitchfork carrying time. Still…

    Moderator James Huff


    There have been far more Kubrick ports than just Blogger’s. So far, they all have the approval of Kubrick’s original designer. You can see the full list of approved Kubrick ports here:

    Whoa people! The site referenced is a blog ON blogspot, it’s not a site owned by Google. You might have noticed in the sidebar that there are tips for removing the Blogger navbar. The owner is French, though that’s all I know about him other than that he has developed some really interesting original themes also.

    Regardless, blaming Google again. Are you sure the Google feud isn’t on again?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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