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  • If you go to Presentation >> Theme Editor and click on Header, you’ll see, among other things:
    body { background: url(""); }

    This background image is declared after your stylesheet, so whatever you state in your stylesheet gets overridden by what’s on the page. So, the browser loads “kubrickcolor.jpg” which appears to me as a blank image. Your page is loading correctly, it’s the code that’s not quite what you want. The last thing declared is what’s rendered. Get rid of that line in Header and see what happens.

    odd> that changed my background color to black, when you can see in the link above that the kubrickbgwide.jpg is not at all black. very odd…how to fix?

    I don’t see a reference to kubrickbgwide anywhere in your CSS so it’s not very likely it will ever show up as the page background.

    As for why it’s black, look in your stylesheet. Find this:
    /* Begin Structure */

    On the very next line is this:
    body {
    background-color: #000000;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;

    You said you want the background color to be black, that’s why it’s black. Remember the CASCADING part of CSS; whatever is mentioned last is the style that’s applied. A sample CSS to demonstrate:
    background: #999;

    background : #fff;

    background: #000;

    Since I last stated that I want the body background to be #000, that takes priority over my initial statement of #999.

    ok, i edited the styles.css and got the white background back> but now all my white too and i dont know how to change it back to black.

    also, to my original point the kubrickwide.jpg image is still not rendering ?!?

    help ?

    ok, I got the black text back, but the image in question is still not showing up.

    here is the image that i’d like to show up in the header: kubrickbgwide.jpg

    and here’s the full url of the image on my blog server, so that i know it’s not an uploaded image error. it’s just linked incorrectly.

    how to fix? anyone?

    Where do you have code that says the browser should bring up that image, kubrickbgwide.jpg? I don’t see it anywhere.

    Are you using the Kurbick header image or is that one gone completely? When I try to right click and view background image, I get all kinds of errors:

    i just replaced the actual default image with a customized image.

    so wherever the default template tells the server that this info lives, is what i am referencing, since i merely uploaded a different image with the same name. make sense?

    where does the default kubrick template normally store this info?

    Kubrick loads kubrickbgwide.jpg only on single entry pages by default. Click on a single entry title and you’ll see the image there. If you want it to appear on the home page, too, you’ll have to change things around quite a bit.

    But, at least this means that the image is there. It just means that you need to modify your Header page. You should see something like if (is_single()) followed by the path to the image you created. That’s saying that if the page is a single post page, show that image. If it’s home, is_home(), show this other image.

    Here’s more on conditional tags to help you get your theme showing what you want, where you want:

    thank you! i’ll check out the conditional tags url you sent.

    also, i edited a header image located here


    and viewable here:

    but this image isnt viewable on the single entry page for some reason. do you know where this code is located on the kubrick template by chance?

    In Presentation >> Theme Viewer, edit functions.php. Make a backup of that file before you change anything (just copy it all to a text document and save it on your desktop). I think that if you delete the kubrick_head function, your regular image should show up.

    By the way, you should probably make a copy of that theme folder since you’re modifying it so much. Make a copy of that folder, rename it to whatever you want your theme to be named, and keep modifying it. That way, you always have a backup of the original Kubrick theme to go back to if you need to.

    Thank you tsguitar. I just made a backup of all of my folders for the blog so that I can revert back to previous forms if necessary.

    Now I went into the functions.php doc and dont know php too well and dont want to delete too much code. what of this constitutes the kubrick_head function:


    function kubrick_head() {
    $head = "<style type='text/css'>\n<!--";
    $output = '';
    if ( kubrick_header_image() ) {
    $url = kubrick_header_image_url() ;
    $output .= "#header { background: url('$url') no-repeat bottom center; }\n";
    if ( false !== ( $color = kubrick_header_color() ) ) {
    $output .= "#headerimg h1 a, #headerimg h1 a:visited, #headerimg .description { color: $color; }\n";
    if ( false !== ( $display = kubrick_header_display() ) ) {
    $output .= "#headerimg { display: $display }\n";
    $foot = "--></style>\n";
    if ( '' != $output )
    echo $head . $output . $foot;

    add_action('wp_head', 'kubrick_head');

    All of that.

    But don’t worry. You have a backup should you do something terribly wrong that kills your blog. That’s the point. You should now feel free to experiment, learning in the process.

    hi, i ended up switching templates (At the suggestion of another wordpress user) and now my blog is coming together finally.

    it’s a lot easier to edit this new template than the kubrick.

    thanks for all your help =)

    Most people find that to be the case. Can you mark this “Resolved”? Thanks and good luck.

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