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  • i searched here and kubrick’s forum and couldn’t find the answer.
    what’ i’m wanting to do is display the sidebar on all the pages (so that if someone clicks on a post, the page they go to should show the sidebar also, it’s not doing that now)…. how do i do that?
    my test blog is here:
    i’m using wp 1.3

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  • i’m not seeing it in the index (or any other page for that matter). kubrick for wp 1.3 has the pages seperated. (comments.php, sidebar.php, etc) and none of them have anything like what you told me.

    Oh, for WP 1.3. My bad. I don’t support WP 1.3.

    i found that all i needed to do was put <?php include “sidebar.php”; ?> on page.php…. fairly easy. now i have to figure out how to get it alongside the post… to left allign the post…. any thoughts?

    No thoughts. Just follow the rules:

    i realy didn’t think it was a 1.3 problem, just a design problem, and i’m sure the solution is in the code somewhere, i just don’t see it right now 😛

    Fair enough. Try copying the whole content of index.php to page.php

    I don’t know about WP1.3, but in the index.php of Kubrick there is an action which decides if the page will be wide or narrow. you want them all to be narrow. this will include the sidebar on all pages coreectly.
    post a dummy index, and start commenting out those rules until you get what you need.
    should be fairly simple.

    shep, you’ll have to change class=”widecolumn” to class=”narrowcolumn” after including the sidebar.

    i tried that, and it made the text go to the left, but off the page, and the sidebar stayed at the bottom. i’m gonna retry in wp1.2

    i downgraded to 1.2 and made all the changes i could find. i changed all the wide column styling to be exactly like the narrow column style and it worked.

    How would I go about using a different background for my comments/archives than I use for my index? The reason I ask is that I would prefer to use the wide column rather than the narrow column, but when I use wide it — of course — bleeds into my sidebard which is a different color.

    you using 1.2 or 1.3 of wp? either way, i’m sure you could edit the css for the sidebar (i’m not looking at the code right now so i could be way off on this)

    I’m using 1.2. If I’m using images instead of CSS, how would I go about that?

    WP Ver 1.5.1
    My sidebar’s default text size all of a sudden got larger, and has thrown off all of the rendering of my blog home page. It sent Sidebar links way down the page, past my blog posts, and distorted the general layout at header and footer.

    Same problem on 2 different PCs with different systems, so I doubt it’s a browser thing.
    I am not aware of doing any sidebar template edits before the error began late last night.

    Nevermind. I had put a <!–more–> into text of a post but accidentally put it before a </div> tag, and it screwed up everything.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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