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  • i used the search function but it didnt answer my question…
    well, i just installed wp on my local machine (nothing’s online yet, so i cant show you)
    i got the localized (german) kubrick theme but that shouldnt be different
    i made a new .jpg file and named it kubrickheader.jpg and put it in the /images directory
    it’s the exactly same size, 760×200
    so, i dont understand, why it shows up larger then the origninal?! it’s about a few pixels on the right and the left wider then the body
    im confused
    i didnt change any php or css files, i just replaced the img which i thought would be the easiest way?!

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  • See:

    The Kubrick\Default Theme has a bunch of confusing information about the headers and it is explained in that article.

    thanks, i read it and found an explanation

    in the header.php itself the auther states that you just have to put an image called personal header or something inside the directory and it should be 760×200
    but when i did that, nothing changed
    so i renamed it to kubrickheader.jpg and then it was too large, as described above

    i changed the size to 740×200 and now it works
    very confusing

    isn’t the default theme supposed to be easily changeable?! i mean, i cant even set a different color in the background since there must be several areas within the code to alter it and i dont know where

    the wiki-documentation is good, but it’s all split up and located in different places, you know… there seems not to be a step-by-step guide for let’s say several, common changes to the default theme for new wordpress users. like, changing the header img, the colors, the appearance of a post when you click it either with the sidebar on or not (is is not visible when i click the post…)

    and so on 🙁

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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