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    I have a custom kubrick header size but the ‘header image and color’ in the admin doesn’t match the new size. Where/how do I adjust the sizes for the header colour picker stuff so that it does?

    I see that I should be looking in either functions.php or header-img.php but where exactly?

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  • The Codex article, Designing Headers, should be of help.

    Sorry mate, I didn’t see anything there about adjusting Kubricks ‘Header Image and Color’ sizes. I should make it clearer that I’m not trying to make a custom header. I have just resized the normal kubrick header and would like to adjust the sizes in whatever controls the admin color picker.

    How about wp-content/themes/default/functions.php for the WordPress 1.6 Default theme.

    Hmm, yeah – I’ve been looking at that.

    But /what/ should I be looking at?

    I’m not having much luck google searching either – it’s kind of surprising.

    How about this: I need to turn off the header image color switch and use a personal header. I could do this easily when Kubrick came bundled without the color switcher. Now, I cannot get the personalheader.jpg to appear. There seems to be no settings in header.php to make the adjustment.

    It’s pretty straight forward. I have another blog which uses kubrick with a custom header and I just renamed my file with kubrickheader.jpg or whatever the default name is.

    There’s plenty of documentaton on it anyway. A quick search and you’ll be fine.

    Well here the issue … I’VE ALREADY DONE THIS. And the color picker is still up there instead of my custom image. It’s driving me nuts.

    Try hitting ‘revert’ on the presentation/headerandimagecolor/

    Done. Then I clicked “Update header.” Same thing. Same blank blue header instead of the lovely image I want to use.

    OK. fixed it. I wasn’t using the real Kubrick, but something called Kubrick Tabs. Now I’ve got it:

    Did you change the image ref (#header) in your style.css to the correct file name (you said you were trying to use personalheader.jpg)

    Did you check your header.php file?

    I see you’ve worked it out now. Good stuff.

    So anyway, back to my problem – how do I adjust the size of the new header image that the color picker creates?

    Have you looked at your stylesheet (including the inline styles in the header.php file)?

    I don’t think the ‘header image and color’ switch/picker uses the stylesheet – at least, when I use CSS Viewer firefox extension it doesn’t pick it up.

    I have looked at, and adjusted, the stylesheet for the default image header (and the rest of my modified theme).

    I’ve still had no luck solving this…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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