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  • Hello all,
    I’ve hacked the kubrick theme and am having an issue with the archive page.
    It seems that every page BUT the archive page (looking at blog entries on their own page with the option to comment) can display the kubrickbgwide.jpg or the kubrickbg.jpg image.
    Any idea which css / page combination controls the bg of this page?

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  • It’s in the style section of the header.php file.

    All css for kubrick (default) is controlled through the style.css file.

    View the source code of the generated post and look up the style codes that are listed in the top sections. If it calls for a header.php, then it will be in the header.php page and when you find the selectors, look them up in the style.css file.

    I just looked and both archive.php and archives.php call the header.php at the top, so that is where your header info will be.

    All css for kubrick (default) is controlled through the style.css file

    Except the images 🙂
    See in the header.php

    thanks all,
    worked it out.

    I’ve been searching the forum for help on my topic..and after an hour this seems like the best thread to post to. I used the tips above to determine that my ARCHIVE page is using kubrickbg.jpg. I would expect it to use kubrickbgwide.jpg, because the class in the archives.php file is “widecolumn” and there is no call for a sidebar.

    All I’ve done to the template relative to the image files is replace them with my own, so just to be safe I verified that the “wide” image is all white (no grey bar).

    Why is the “if” statement in header.php pulling in the wrong background on the ARCHIVE page? It shouldn’t have the grey sidebar. My archive page is here:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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