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  • I submitted Michael Heilemann’s Photoshop file for Kubrick to an author at Community MX who had laid down a challenge that “anything Photoshop can do, Fireworks can do better.”
    The author, Brian Edgin, then converted the Kubrick Photoshop graphics over into Fireworks. The article is free, and includes the Fireworks files. Check it out here.
    I am glad that there is now another format available for Michael’s most excellent design work.

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  • No bashing, but more and more users start using that Kubrick (which is good as it makes default installation of WP a bit more sexy) but on same note users just stop there with that skin. It looks good as they think, it’s slim, smart, why do something else with it? Seen too many blogs by now that follows that path…
    Again, nothing negative, just imho…
    Best Regards, MaxT

    Totally agree with you MaxT, Ive seen some really nice original designs powered by wordpress but ever since kubrick came out (a totally wicked theme) I see more of that theme than any originality.

    I don’t see the problem. Does my site resemble kubrick? Hell no! If someone wants something original they’re not going to bother with it. If they’re looking for a template, it doens’t matter what’s available… they’re going to take it. Just so happens Kubrick is probably the nicest template out there.

    Anyone planning to port them to Paint? Then we might see a few more people willing to edit it. Not everyone can afford expensive graphics suites.

    Ive seen a few pretty good variations on Kubrick, its no more restricting creatively than the default WP style (if the default style and the word creative can ever go together) its just that because its already so good, those without much experience in CSS/PHP are less inclined to alter it, whereas those with experience will find a great basis to start from – which imo is a good thing.

    My site has some of the Binary Bansai look and all its images were created in Fireworks MX 2004.

    Anyone planning to port them to Paint? Then we might see a few more people willing to edit it. Not everyone can afford expensive graphics suites.

    The graphics templates for Kubrick work 100% in GIMP, a 100% free graphics program. I suppose free is too much to ask though.

    I suppose a link is too much to ask as well, but it doesn’t matter anyway because who is really going to bother downloading it? I googled GIMP; the homepage doesn’t even have a Windows download, and the external site which offered one also had a whole heap of warnings that didn’t exactly inspire confidence.
    The point has already been made that Kubrick is too good a template for people to want to mess with it, and on reflection I agree with that. It’s better to have hundreds of beautiful sites looking the same than lots of ugly ones with Paint-created graphics and messed-up CSS, so I withdraw my suggestion. People who can’t use Photoshop have no business screwing with templates anyway.

    Im a mac user, but here you go anon.
    btw, windowstracker is very useful for stuff like this.

    There is just that wierd issue to do with GIMP (my favorite prog) and the gif license. But GIMP ? Seriously cool. Windows or not.

    I use GIMP on both Mac and Win XP. A great piece of software for free. If you took the time to read all of the small print included in the legal disclaimers with the software that costs a lot more than free – you’d be afraid to install it also. : )

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