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  • I recently switched my site over to Kubrick.
    I’m having the toughest time trying to figure out what code to take out of the index to make a sort of static page I can add custom content to which will display the Kubrick header, footer, and the body without the nav, using kubrickbgwide.jpg as the body’s background (like the post page here: ).
    Every attempt so far has left me using the regular background with the darker right side like so: .
    Kubrick has a complicated index.php, and I’m in over my head, lol. All I want to do is a have a few custom pages (like current weather conditions and a simple about page).
    Any help would be appreciated, I’ve posted this question at Bonsai and emailed the designer (who no doubt is crazy busy – so no worries) but to no avail. I wonder if anyone else has figured this out and can tell me.
    You can either reply to this thread, or send me the index/blank template at chaplin at 420hitsquad dot net.
    Much appreciated!

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  • Which version of Kubrick are you using?

    Sorry, I am using Kubrick v1.2.5

    It can’t be a post as I want to call some weather based php includes and some Flash. When I tried to call the php inside the post it just spit out the code.

    Chaplin – you may be interested in this thread.

    Thanks for the heads up TG, tried the plugin but it didn’t work and left me with a blank screen when trying to get back to the admin menu. (Love your Dubtribes site by the way, was one of the reasons I decided to give Kubrick a try).

    Dubtribe’s site is strict WP and Kubrick. I commented out all the unrequired info, and set the cat as above to call the pages from links, and disabled categories in the index, so only my links operate as the navigation.
    please come back and let me know how you progress.

    Ah, I understand now. Thanks a lot!

    those torn edges are looking might lovely.
    (of course i would think that was) good work so far!

    I got an idea from an older post (sorry to whomever, couldn’t track it back down to give credit) I simply viewed the source of one of the pages on the site that was wide-columned, then copy and pasted the whole html output into a blank text file, saving it with the php extension. I then went through and got rid of the html elements I didn’t need. Now I have to firgure out how to call wordpress into the file so I can post information from the weather plugin.
    Might not work, but we’ll see! You can see the initial results here:

    Worked like a charm!
    Thanks for all the help guys!

    yes, that’s what i meant. copy your index.php so you get the template.
    but i would still suggest you comment out the things you don’t need or want because then they aren’t “gone” and you won’t have to start over from the top if you mess up, or decide to change things later.
    just a bmo.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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