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    I usually don’t have any IE-type issues when customizing a theme, but I get the feeling I have something MAJOR wrong with the coding. I have tried pointing IE to a different CSS with no changes, making me think it’s something I edited in one of the .php files.


    Screenshot in IE:

    I’m currently going through my surprisingly invalid markup to see if I can correct the problem- that being said, “Your markup is invalid” doesn’t really help me. As I said, usually don’t have this problem, so I’m working my way back through it.

    It works fine in all other browsers…any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

    (PS – Don’t know if this helps, but the W3C Validator has a I/O Error for the CSS Validator, not XHTML. Says “Socket Closed”. Don’t know if that pertains.)

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    Looks like things have advanced a little since your screenshot but I can’t figure out why the site has a completely different theme in Firefox 3.

    To start with, get all of that styling out of the page body and into the <head></head> section where it belongs. The error you got with the CSS validator could well relate this – ie it took one look at the page and had a nervous breakdown 😉 Even better, put all of your CSS into a separate stylesheet. You’ll find it much easier to serve a conditional sheet to IE that way if you do need it.

    In terms of validation, concentrate on the unclosed tags first. They’re the errors that will really mess up your display.

    Get rid of lines like <hr size="3" noshade width="70%" align="center"></hr> and replace with something like <hr class=”my70″ /> then apply styling via your CSS sheet.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

    Ok, I’ve done alot of work on the validation. The CSS is error-free. The xHTML still has some strange validation things going on:

    But most of them have to do with widgets, etc. It seems like something MAJOR is affecting this, because it’s beautiful in Firefox, but loads NO IMAGES in IE, won’t show the background, nothing. I’ve tried conditional IE stylesheets, but it’s like it can’t find the CSS file at all. I’ve even put the complete URL for style.css in the header. Not sure where to go from here, but it HAS to be something simple-

    Are my html or body tags at the end of the coding (footer.php) somehow not closed properly?



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    I can see CSS images in Firefox 3, IE8 and IE7 (although the latter is via IE Tester). The </body></html> tags are fine but you’re still missing a final closing </div> just prior to </body>.

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