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  • i live to create and encourage creation.

    illustration (which i affectionately call ‘doodles’), painting, layout design, photography and various forms of writing is how i choose to express my love for the arts and celebrate individuality. i’m not trying to compete, i don’t care to be compared; i just create and interpret concepts in my own way using my own style.

    Please feel free to browse around my site and let me know what you think. It was my first time building a site so any feedback is welcomed. If you like my design style, drop me an email (details on the site) or you can follow me on Facebook ([moderated]) and Twitter ([moderated])



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  • Hi..Your work is incredible. After browsing for a while, I really wanted to say some nice things but whoops..there is no commenting system. I guess there is your own logic to it but I think your site will have a better reach and response. After all blogging is a social initiative, is at least what i think.

    One big issue – your logo is pointing to http://localhost/wordpress/wordpress/landing-page/ , you may want to correct that.

    P.S – Please do not be disappointed if some of your links were moderated, trust me this forum is one of the nicest forums I have come across the whole web. You will be getting some really honest and selfless responses here.


    Hey southcast!

    Thanks so much for the great feedback! I’m so glad you spotted that link issue with my header :). I just corrected it. The reason why I dont have a comment box is because I’ve had an issue with the way it’s displaying :(. When I enable comments, the The ‘Notify me’ check-boxes appear squashed or left-aligned for some reason and I’m not sure how to correct that! It’s so frustrating! Do you know how to correct this issue?? I have a feeling that I need to change something in the style.css sheet…

    hi..I am sure it is a minor css issue, but can’t suggest a solution if it is not visible on the front-end. If you know how to work with Firebug, you should be able to correct it within a few seconds.If not then just enable the comment-box for a while as it is an I will take a look the next time I am online, and will provide you an alternative.

    P.S – I hope you have a custom stylesheet. I will advise not to make any changes to default style.css as it will be overwritten to default if you upgrade your theme the next time. Long back I learnt this the hard-way.


    (lol) that’s exactly the problem. When i activate my comment box, it IS visible on the front end…and it looks terrible. I have no clue how to work with Firebug either. I only have a very basic HTML knowledge.

    *sigh* I’m stuck on this issue.

    well with the logo issue earlier I noted that you have migrated from your localhost to the live server so if that is the case you can play around with the custom.css in your localhost setup. Even if you mess up there it won’t make a difference on your live site. This way you can get your feet wet a little deeper with wordpress and when you finally come up with a solution you can apply it to your live site.
    P.S – CSS is as easier as HTML.

    Good news! I fixed my comment box issue 🙂 . Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!

    PS: If you want, you could post that really nice comment about my site on the Kris513 Feedback page here:

    It looks great, especially i liked painting section

    Thanks blograzzi! :). But would you mind reposting your comment on the feedback section of my site? I’m just trying to get that section going (lol).

    Just follow this link and post your comment:



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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