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    Hi all.
    I’m trying to get Kramer running on my WP2.0.1.
    It picks up pingbacks and all fine, just one prob:
    no gif, as in no image before the pingback text.

    in IE the missing image is marked with the ugly missing image -cross in a box, in FF it’s clean. The image address points to a rather weird address:
    “http://woo-hoo.servebeer.comw:/www/wp-content[…]” and so on.
    The first part is the domain, obviously, but then it points to the server root instead of Both examples are shortened for layout, but you get the idea.

    I’ve looked through the kramer.php and tinkered with no success. I guess it’s either HTTP_HOST or REQUEST_URI that’s pointing to a wrong direction. Or something completely different.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?


    Oh yeah, it’s all mounted on a windowsXP, Apache/2.0.54 (Win32) PHP/5.0.4 & MySQL 4.1.12a

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  • OK, so I solved it by myself.
    Here’s the how & what I did:

    opened up kramer.php
    around line 966, changed
    $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . str_replace($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], '',


    $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/wp-content/plugins/kramer.php?kramer=gif-icon' . "\"

    Apparently the DOCUMENT_ROOT-thing messed it up for my installation, resulting in the .comw:// in the post above.

    So now I got the li’l K-icon working.
    A word of warning: I haven’t had this running for very long yet, there just *might* be something that broke along my rewriting.

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