• WTH.

    It’s a bait and flop. You know, where they lure you in as though their app does something and then fail miserably at either being or looking like anything you want to deal with.

    I don’t rate unless it’s crap or great. This is crap. It pained me to give it a star.

    My advice for techgasp: Get someone else to work the front end marketing, hire a graphic designer, and ask literally anyone not currently on your team about how the functionality should be implemented. Do it now before it’s lastgasp.

    Don’t discount Techgasp if this review is old. They seem ambitious and for all I know their stuff might work underneath the convoluted methodology, poor marketing, a yank yer wank upsell jive BS bait and flop, and what is truly a comically WTF free app. Maybe they’ll take a nap?

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