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  • I have several different ads running in my sidebar.
    I see you don’t have one.
    Where do you want to put them? In your header or footer?!

    I see ’em in view source. How did you add the <script> bits to the theme page? The values look a bit odd… but I’m not sure what a kontera script should look like.

    It looks like you used a “web editor” though. I shouldn’t expect you’d want all those <br /> tags in amongst your script. And lines like var dc_BackgroundColor1 = ‘white’; just look a bit odd.

    But like I said, I’m not familiar with Kontera.

    I’m having similar issues. I tried to add my Google ads to my header (under my Blog name) and they don’t show up. So then I thought I would try and see what happened when I just created a post and put the code in. Zip! Nothing shows. It’s not Word Press hiding them is it?

    [I have my Google ads on thousands of other pages on other sites and have had no problem. So I, at least kinda, know what I’m doing.]

    I got it!!! OK so my Google ads had this sort of tag on the top and bottom …it looked like this:
    <!——Start Google Ads—–>
    that was making them all invisible. I removed that and bingo they’re there. So check that. Make sure there’s nothing funky like that there.

    Hi.. Thanks for the replies.

    I can see why I am going to move exclusively to wp-the support and interest in helping each other is beyond compare!


    1. The ads are in the html/post. The ads do show up on other blog programs and on my web site. But not in WP posts. Still not sure why.

    2. You are correct. I did use dreamweaver to make the post and I do need to clean up the html. NO DOUBT. 🙂 The

    3. I do want to add them to my sidebar. Now I need to take time to learn how!

    4. Glad you got yours fixed with the header, <!——Start Google Ads—–> not sure that will be an issue with Kontera ads.

    Any more ideas? 🙂

    Besides the <br /> tags everywhere, a number of your lines in the script have double semi-colons at the end. Most scripts like this require ONE semi-colon at the end of each line. Try editing and reuploading the script base.

    Hi…. updates…

    The ads work fine if you upload the page to a web site: See

    What is the difference between a web site and WP? 🙂


    you don’t have break tags and double semi-quotes all over hte place would be the main diff I see in viewing source at that webpage.

    As suggested earlier, I think you need to redo the ads in your WP theme and fix the formatting issues.


    I have tried it with nothing but the code I was sent from Kontera, and it still does not work.

    Can anyone show me a web site with google adwords in the posts? Maybe you can’t do that!
    Maybe it only works in the header or side bars.

    I can do this in blogharbor because there is a toggle between text and html. I do not see that here. Ideas?


    You can put adwords whereever the javascript will fire (aka pretty much anywhere).

    How about you add the ad sense gunk to your theme files without use a visual editor (like Dreamweaver). Perhaps notepad would be worth a shot at this point.

    I am new to WordPress, but have had Google Ads working for quite a while on my Website . I too failed to get Google Ads working on WordPress UNTIL I took the advice to edit the sidebar.php file, and insert the Google Ads code there. You may need to experiment to get the ads in the correct place, but it only took me three goes with a text editor.

    The Blog really belongs to my wife. I just like hacking webstuff – it seems to work, although I got Public Service Ads for a few minutes.

    Good luck to all having this problem.

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