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    We want to post and keep updated a list of known plugin and theme conflicts. If you have these plugins installed and are having issues, these may be the cause, so try deactivating them and see if that resolves the issue for now.

    If you are aware of a plugin conflict or have details on the ones below, please add any details.

    Note that if you are having major issues with 2.0, you can safely rollback to 1.9.13:


    BBPRESS. Can cause site crash. Triggers error that looks like: Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/content/deletedactualpath/wordpress/wp-includes/query.php on line 27

    MAGIC FIELDS PLUGIN. Can cause site crash. Triggers error that looks like: Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /web/content/wp-includes/query.php on line 27

    SOLILOQUY SLIDER PLUGIN. This may cause aspects of our interface to disappear, especially when adding galleries to pages/posts via the new Attach to Post interface.

    CONTACT FORM 7. Still trying to determine the effects on this one. I think I’ve seen one example where it seemed to trigger major errors, and another where it just interfered with gallery displays.

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  • ISO codes in Slideshow


    I built some galleries and validated flash slideshow, as I am a French guy there are a lot of image descriptions with words having accents.

    My problem is, with the new version 2.0.0, a bad description in the slideshows and the widget. The iso codes are display in the image descriptions. There is no problem in the other sections. If I disable the flash Slideshow option it is OK.

    An idea to correct?


    Awesome, I had an older version on backup. Yay me!

    I have a client who is using NextGen Custom Fields plugin to link thumbnails to his portfolio custom post types via this method:

    In addition the tutorial author offers a method to make his technique permanent to survive NextGen updates. Just wanted to make you awre of this.

    I have told my client not to update NextGen until this gets sorted out.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi all – thanks for continuing to post conflicts here.

    Just wanted to add a couple quick thoughts.

    1) We’re now making our latest beta version is available here, with a list of what’s been resolved if you’d like to try updating:

    2) For those have major issues who just want to get rolling, again we’ve posted a guide for rolling back to 1.9.13 here:

    You can rollback and wait a couple updates for more issues to be ironed out. So that option does exist.

    3) We’re now working through plugin conflicts. We’re starting with the most severe, like BBPress, Members Access, and others that cause major site issues. We’ve resolved BBPress and a few others and will be updating our latest beta with those by Monday.

    3) TESTING? For those who mentioned testing, I just want to offer a few other thoughts.

    First we actually did a ton of internal testing across different platforms. The one thing we’d do more of now is testing again other plugins. We generally test again maybe 10-20 popular plugins as well as some, like lightboxes, known to cause issues. If we ever released such a thorough update again, we test against hundreds of plugins. I think it’s necessary given the age of NG and how deeply integrated it is into the WP ecosystem.

    We did, however, also release a public beta version of NextGEN 2.0. It was available for a month, shareed via blog/email/social media, and downloaded over 1000 times. We got a lot of public beta testing feedback. A lot of the feeback was very positive, and most of the issues were relatively minor. No public beta testers reported the kind of significant conflicts we’ve been seeing here.

    Given the public beta testing results, I must say we were surprised at what at the volume and severity of some of the issues and conflicts, and wondering why we didn’t see more indications of this from public testing.

    I think part of the issue here is just that NextGEN is deployed on 550,000 websites (if even a small percentage have problems, it’s a very large number); it’s an old plugin that is deeply integrated into a lot of websites; it’s deeply customized / tweaked / integrated into third party plugins; and it’s a very large plugin with a ton of functionality that opens it up to conflicts.

    We’re now working triple time to resolve issues. The first update should be coming this week. We’re trying to get as much into it as possible and trying – as we always do despite current appearances – to do some fair amount of internal testing prior to launch.

    For now, please know that you can roll back safely if needed, try the updated version if your issues is shown as resolved there, or wait for the next update we are rapidly trying to prepare.



    One more plugin that conflicts with NexGen 2.0 is Colunm-Matic 1.2. Interestingly, only pages where Column-Matic shortcode is NOT used are broken. Thumblails are not displayed, only the code is visible instead.


    Theme conflict:

    Thematic (child theme)

    I use a Thematic CT (the same one) on 3 blogs that I run. On 1 of them, NextGen is conflicting (claims to not find header or footer), while 2 others are completely fine. All blogs use same plugins, functions.php, etc.

    hi there,
    i had no conflicts with other plugins, but my normally strong server took between 30 – 60 seconds to display the frontpage.
    Some 7200 queries executed. Rolled back to previous version and site is fast again.
    top showed me a %CPU of 97% to over 150% on mysqld when the page was loaded.
    Thanks for a fix.

    I’m using the child theme Twenty Plus Pro by Zeaks Blog or Scott Dixon.
    The conflicts are with mobile devices such as iPhone. The menus wont’t
    work. I’m testing with ScreenFly and iPhone. Thanks Bill

    I upgraded fom 1.9.13 to 2.0. But when NextGEN is activated the WP-Plugin “wpSEO” stops working (

    Have browsed this & other threads and cannot see complaints similar to mine.

    I have many sites using nggallery and on upgrade the sidebar ngwidget settings of width & height were not affected.

    But one site was totally changed (200×200)

    Can I ask a basic question here. How did this release get passed Q & A by the developer & WP ?

    I’m finding a conflict with WPMU’s MarketPress. Front end of the site breaks if I have both MarketPress and NextGen Gallery both activated at the same time.

    Hi. I put my galleries in widgets with Widgets on Pages and then I cache it with WP Widget Cache. Before upgrading to Nextgen 2.0 this worked fine.

    Now, after upgrading, the thumbnails in the galleries are placed in one column instead of six. Deleting the cache the thumbnails shows normally again, but only the first time I open the page. Then, since the galleries again are cached, the problem returns. So there is a conflict with the WP Widget Cache pluigin.

    I hope this can be helpful 🙂

    Plugin Author photocrati


    UPDATE. We think we’ve solved conflicts for BBPress, More Fields, Magic Fields, Member Access, AMember, and Real Estate Interfaces. A main priority now is resolving any other plugin conflicts that trigger white screens/fatal errors. Another priority is conflicts with popular theme sliders and menus.

    CALL FOR CREDENTIALS. We’re wondering if anyone having any of the following issues might consider sending us login credentials so we can troubleshoot and / or patch your site with fixes. If not, that’s fine. We understand that’s a sensitive request. But having the credentials dramatically accelerates the pace at which we can solve and confirm fixes.

    *If you are still running NextGEN along with BBPress, More Fields, Magic Fields, Member Access, AMember, Real Estate Interfaces, or any other plugin that is showign a fatal error or white screen.

    *If you are having a theme conflict that involves sliders or menus not working, including Elegant Themes, Responsive, or Oxygen.

    In any of these cases, if you are willing, we could use WP and FTP credentials. If you do submit login credentials, please include a summary of your issues and add a note that Erick asked you to submit credentials.


    Plugin Author photocrati


    @karks88: You said “front end breaks.” Are you getting a white screen? If so, would you also consider sending us WP and FTP login credentials via the link above so we can troubleshoot. If not, that’s fine too. Again, we understand that sensitive.

    @marteens: can you confirm if you deactivate WP Widget Cache that the problem goes away?

    @photocrati Yes, just a blank white screen. I had this happen to two different sites. I will send in the WP credentials for one of them.

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