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    Given the size and scope of the NextGEN 2.0.0 update, there have been a number of theme and plugin conflicts.

    We addressed many of these directly in 2.0.7 and we think other conflicts will be resolved from the same changes.

    So I just wanted to start another fresh thread with the current state of affairs as of NextGEN 2.0.7.

    If you find additional conflicts, please post them here for us and for other users with the name of the plugin and the symptom of the conflict.



    OTHER SLIDER/MENU CONFLICTS. We think most other theme conflicts affecting theme sliders or menus will also be resolved.


    PLUGIN CONFLICTS THAT AFFECT SLIDERS*Some of these may be fixed as well, but we haven’t confirmed.*

    SOLILOQUY SLIDER PLUGIN. May cause aspects of our interface to disappear.

    ROYAL SLIDER. Activating 2.0 prevent slider from working.

    EVOLUTION SLIDER. The sliders cease working with NG 2.0 installed.

    NIVO SLIDER (Standalone version). NextGen Gallery 2.0.0 overrides the NivoSlider menu and places it as a submenu of Gallery (I’m assuming in the back end).

    JUSTIFIED IMAGE GRID. Activating 2.0 prevent slider from working.


    PHOTOSWIPE FOR NEXTGEN. Not working for some users with 2.0.

    SIMPLE PAYPAL SHOPPING CART. Not working for some users with 2.0.

    NEXTGEN CUSTOM FIELDS. Stopped working in templates.

    NEXTGEN GALLERY OPTIMIZER. Causes images to load solo (replaces the website) in the current browser window with NexGen 2.0.

    NEXTGEN NIVO SLIDER. Not working for some users with 2.0.


    CONTACT FORM 7. In one case, seemed to cause site crash. In another, broke shortcodes.

    EASY DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. This plus NextGEN will throw some errors in the backgroud, but doesn’t seem to affect functionality.

    CART 66. Not working for some users with 2.0.

    DBTOOLKIT. When generating pages with Nextgen embedded in the code, not showing the thumbnails anymore.

    QTRANSLATE. Language shortcodes like [:en][:de] in “Alt & Title Text / Description” don’t work anymore.

    MAPPRESS EASY GOOGLE MAPS. This one causes NextGEN short codes to stop working and causes the Attach to Post interface to be blank when trying to add galleries.

    THEME CONFLICTS*Some of these may be fixed as well, but we haven’t confirmed.*

    ECCLESIA THEME. Works fine if you turn of NG permalinks, but there’s no longer any way to do this.

    FLEXFORM THEME. NG 2.0 affect the post/portfolio/team carousels in the theme. The theme carousels are completely hidden.

    RISE THEME. Causes Attach to Post interface to not appear.

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  • Indeed a busy week for photocrati. There’s no company in the world that has is all perfect and the product of NextGen is widely used. Since it’s free, no complaints to you, only props.

    For your info, I also noticed a conflict with Posts 2 Posts 1.6.1 and NextGEN 2.0.7. The connections dissapear when NextGEN is activated.

    Good luck!

    I installed the new beta version (2.0.10) and continues with this error:

    Warning: array_diff() [function.array-diff]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/lanad507/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/non_pope/class.photocrati_installer.php on line 69


    Thanks to @ johanna2patricia and others for identifying problems with 2.0.7 and caching plugins. I thought I had a conflict between 2.0.7 and my theme, but disabling W3 Total Cache eliminates the symptoms.

    Looking forward to 2.0.7 – caching conflicts being solved soon.

    Nextgen 2.0.7 breaks the PizazzWP SliderPlus plugin in the Headway 3.5.5 theme. It also breaks the Media Library with the following error.

    Content Encoding Error
    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

    It is pretty disturbing that there isn’t any news or updates on what is going on. I have reported the Mandrill conflict to their support team and they replied they are willing to work with NextGen to help them fix it.

    Maybe using their advice to fix NetGen’s “wp_mail” declaration could also help fix issues with other plugin conflicts.

    Mandrill: wp_mail has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be able to use Mandrill until the problem is solved.

    We are using NextGen on our new website (we love the plugin by the way). We are also using Shopp for our online shopping cart on the site. For some reason, images would not work on our product pages for Shopp. In troubleshooting with the Shopp people, we tried disabling NextGen, and all of a sudden, the photos worked. Is there any way to fix the bug so I can get NextGen to work with the shopping cart? I really don’t want to get rid of it, it’s the best photo gallery plugin on WordPress.

    Error with WPmandrill:

    Mandrill: wp_mail has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be able to use Mandrill until the problem is solved.

    If i deactivate nextgen plugin the error is gone.

    My mobile navigation doesn’t work since I updated Next Gen Plugin. I am using the Uber Theme by Theme Trust and I manually added a dropdown mobile nav menu using javascript ‘selectnav.js’

    You can refer to this tutorial page for more details on the script, this is exactly how I installed it:

    My slideshows did not start at picture no. one. It starts allways in shufflemode. I changed the setting to shuffel mode and back to normal. No changes. What happend in twentyeleyen and nextgen 2.7? WP 3.6.
    Picturelist with thumbs are shwown correctly. In the right sequence. What to do? Go back to an older version or waiting for update?
    Thank you!

    My slideshow behavior is strange, cause at teh first time you go on the website you can see it.
    If you come back from any link inside the website the slideshow won’t appear again – I disabled the WP Super Cache but it doesn’t change anything.
    I tried different browser, but it is always the same.
    It seems that the bug in 2.0 wasn’t fixed completly.

    My theme, WP Remix 2 is also not compatible with Next Gen. When I click to upload images I get a blank page. And if I can upload, my thumbnail doesn’t register. Can anyone recommend a fix?

    Hate to pile on, but thought I’d share my difficulties with you. I’m using the theme, EvoLve 2.5 by Theme4Press and I can no longer upload images since the 2.0.7 update. Here are a couple of the plugins I’m using that may be relevant: W3 Total Cache and WPtouch Mobile.

    Hoping you get all this sorted out ASAP.


    I am running a theme called Music News by Magazine3. We are running WP 3.6 and just upgraded to Next Gen 2.0.7 and now when I try to publish a post, I get a blank page returned and if I try to use the icon to insert a gallery, all I get is a blank page in the pop up box as well.

    Suggestions? (besides rolling back to 1.9, which I did when 2.0 came out)
    My site can be found at


    (just a quick update to say that my rollback to 1.x worked fine, and everything is back to normal again. I also wanted to remove my email subs from this thread, and couldn’t see any other way to do it other than make a new post !)



    How did you do the rollback?

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