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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    In Autoptimize 1.7.1 (and lower) with CSS optimization active, CSS import rules that import external resources (i.e. not on your blog) will in some circumstances not be imported (due to them not being at the start of the aggregated CSS).

    This will be adressed in 1.7.2 (target date for release; december 2013).

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  • Hi futta,

    uh… i noticed in the other troubleshoot thread concerning use google google libraries compatibility with autopmize

    do you reckon i should be using these following plugins together ? Or will they cause issues ? Sorry newb here.

    1. WP Super Cache
    2. Autopmize
    3. Use Google Libraries

    I’m not sure, but i think one user claimed that when he used autopmize with google libraries, it affected his load time. So he recommended not to use it, and just use wp super cache + autopmize only. Is that true ?

    But when i run tests like gtmetrix and autopmize, it says google fonts loading offsite. So doesn’t that mean i need use google libraries plugin to improve on that ?

    I found the original reference

    Score is not general. Real time speed – all! =)
    “Test 1 7.778 3.063 No Add-Ons
    Test 2 6.998 8.665 With Autopmise
    Test 3 11.065 3.877 Google Libs plus Autopmise
    Test 4 7.188 3.563 Autopmise, Google Libs + wp sc
    Test 5 2.924 1.191 Autopmise,Google Libs + wp sc (mod)
    Test 6 2.955 1.068 Autopmise + wp sc (mod re)
    Test 7 1.45 1.272 wp super cache only”

    But that seems to be 4 months before you noticed in first post link i mentioned. So i reckon this was fixed ?

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    The problem mentioned in “Javascript optimize breaks Twentythirteen mobile menu” got with version 1.7.0.

    Regarding Google Libs; I would not (and do not) use it. The reason; Autoptimize combines all non-external JS into one file (except when you configure it not to), so you only have one request. Google Libs forces a number of non-external JS-files to be external anyhow (jQuery for one), meaning those files are not in the aggregated Autoptimize-JS-file any more. So you just have more requests, really.

    yeah i ran tests. google page test says my score went down.

    weirdly gtmetrix got a slightly better score.

    but in real time, i felt the lag went up.

    so right i’m sticking with just wp super cache and autopmize :}

    this is my site by the way

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    the @import-issue described above is now fixed in version 1.7.2.

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