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    If you have general feedback about the Gutenberg project, you can share it here on the forums, via the Gutenberg feedback form, and in the case where it’s a feature request or bug, you may also create a ticket for it on the Gutenberg project page on GitHub if you are comfortable doing so. The GitHub project page also lets you search through existing issues and feature requests to find out if it’s already been reported by someone else, or maybe it’s been fixed already and will be included in the next version of the plugin!

    You may have some questions, or concerns, about the new editing experience. For your benefit, we’ve collected some of the most common questions in a Frequently Asked Questions section. If your question, or concern, is not covered there, feel free to ask us, we’ll be happy to provide you with insights and answers!

    There is also a section for known compatibility issues, this section mostly focuses on plugin and theme conflicts. We will use the information about conflicts to improve Gutenberg moving forward as we then have known, affected, sources to test against. It also lets you, as a user, know why the editor may not be working in your particular scenario if you recognize any of the affected plugins or themes. Please note that although a plugin or theme may be listed, this does not mean there is anything wrong with them. It merely means they are doing something we may not have accounted for, and we are looking into what may be causing the reported conflicts.

    Getting Support
    If you are looking for support in general with Gutenberg, you may be asked to provide some information about your site setup. You may use the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin to gather this information, once the plugin is installed you can visit it under Dashboard > Health Check, there’s a tab there for collecting debug information which can be pasted directly in the forums for your convenience. Please provide information such as what you expected to happen when you had an issue, and what the actual outcome was.

    If you are experiencing strange behaviors with just Gutenberg active, please look for JavaScript errors, to do so follow step #3 in our JavaScript error debugging guide.


    If you are interested in taking part in the development of the future editing experience of WordPress, we encourage you to join in on the discussions on the GitHub project page, you don’t need to be a developer, designer and so forth, anyone is welcome to voice their opinions, as well as provide feedback and thoughts on tickets, as it is very valuable to have different views.


    As an aside, we may mark topics as resolved if it’s been more than a week since it had any input from the original topic creator, or there exists a ticket on GitHub for the issue. This is done to help us keep track of support requests still needing our attention. Please feel free to remove the resolved status when you provide a followup on a topic if you find more time in the future, and we will be happy to help you look into your issue at that time.

    If you are experiencing a similar issue to another user, we ask that you still create your own topic. When a topic has replies, we are more likely to pass over it, expecting someone else to already be helping that user. This means neither you, or the original poster, receives the help you are seeking.

    Please also make sure to follow the Forum Guidelines when interacting on the support forums.

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    Common questions / FAQ

    How do I edit my contents permalink
    If you click the title of your content, it will show the link, and give you the option to edit it, above the title.

    Please note that there is no permalink created for a new post until you have clicked Save draft at least once.

    I’d like better control of my text content in paragraph blocks
    WordPress tries to ship with base functionality, and leave more advanced requirements to plugins. There is therefore a plugin to introduce more individual control of paragraph text content called Advanced Rich Text Tools for Gutenberg

    Categories and tags are not showing up
    Some security related plugins may have disabled all, or parts of, the REST API. This is used by Gutenberg to fetch all the data used to display content in the editor, so if you are missing fields, check if you have a security plugin enabled, and if it has an option for the REST API.

    The toolbars cover too much content
    You are able to move the toolbars to the top of the page, alongside the undo/redo buttons, if you click the ellipsis (three vertical dots) in the very top right corner there is an option for Fix toolbar to top which will move block options up for you.

    The editor area is very small.
    Themes/plugins are encouraged to provide editor styles to better represent how the content will appear on the front end. The default width is just that, a default value that works well for readability in the majority of cases.

    If your theme does not provide styles, you can add them your self using a plugin, or by adding a simple code snippet to your functions.php file:

    function wp436784723890_expand_gutenberg_edit_area() {
    	<style type="text/css">
                    .edit-post-visual-editor .editor-post-title__block,
    		.edit-post-visual-editor .editor-block-list__block {
    			max-width: 1024px;
    add_action( 'admin_head', 'wp436784723890_expand_gutenberg_edit_area' );

    Giving end users control of the layout is not always a good idea
    This is true, some may get a bit carried away with the wide range of control Gutenberg provides, we acknowledge this, and have already created tools to handle it.

    Many users and developers are already familiar with the concept of page templates in the WordPress template hierarchy. We’ve taken that concept, and brought it into the editor with editor templates. This allows theme and plugin developers the possibility of providing a default set of blocks, and to control which blocks (if any) can be added/removed from that post type.

    Read more about editor templates in the handbook.

    Why not add an option in WordPress to switch betwee neditors?
    Part of what makes WordPress great, is our core philosophies. One of those is the Decisions vs options, where we make an educated decision for what WordPress will do, leaving confusing (and potentially frustrating) options out. We let plugins provide such options.

    The Classic Editor plugin adds these choises as options, and is the recommended way of providing such functionality.

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    General notices

    If you are receiving a Updating Failed message when trying to save a post or page, check if you are using the services provided by CloudFlare. We are currently working with them to address a problem which blocks the Gutenberg save function. A workaround is available while we find a solution to this.

    It’s been reported that some antivirus software may also block REST API requests, so if your antivirus software offers an application firewall, this may prevent you from saving posts, we are looking into this.

    Some users may experience a blank editing screen, a first step to testing this should be to just hit refresh in your browser, as it may a race-condition that we’ve identified and are working on fixing.

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