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  • Having zero / -0- knowledge and experience with websites and blogs, I am struggling with WordPress. Viewing videos for beginners or reading books and articles is still at a level above my understanding.

    Is there an e-book or beginners book that starts with the very basics for a person in my situation, zero knowledge? I have made it to the Dashboard and intellectually know where to go to create a page or post. But I have lots of questions that I can’t find answers.

    Is WordPress for Dummies a good source of the very basics of WordPress?


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  • One place to begin is here: Getting started with WP.

    Thanks for the link-it looks exactly what I needed.

    Here is bit more information which I did not put in my first post in order to not make my post too confusing. Last fall I paid a WordPress designer to set up a website for me. The agreement was that he would set up the website in WP and then I would “manage” the site afterwords. The “manage” part is what I need to learn and reason for my post.

    Using Getting started with WP, can I set up another separate WP blog/website for learning purposes? Can I do this without effecting the website already set up?

    Thanks again.



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    can I set up another separate WP blog/website for learning purposes?

    Yes. Just install WordPress in another sub-folder. I have domains running 3 or 4 installs of WordPress.

    I should have given all this info in one post – looks like I am stringing it out-not really. Only thinking about it when I get a reply.

    WordPress is not on my pc. I have checked Control Panel and it is not there. The way I get to the Dashboard is go online to and sign in.

    Should I have WP on my pc?

    Thanks for your patience.



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    No, you do not need anything on your computer if your site is on a server (which the above site is) – then it’s all done via your browser. IF you want to put a COPY or that site or another site on your local computer, you can do that by setting up WP on a local install — see

    But that site won’t be accessible on the internet, nor will it be connected to the live site on a hosted server.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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