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  • Hi,

    I am having a hard time finding a theme and/or plug-in that lets me do this properly. I am guessing I can use any theme and a plug-in will work, I just don’t know where to start.

    My Needs:
    I want to develop a website that will allow be to have a regular menu bar up top, say [About][Knowledge Base][Resume/CV][Blog][Contact]
    from it drop-down to specific content. This part is easy. Now the hard:

    Say I go to Knowledge Base, I want a sidebar on my right that will have categories for my knowledge base by topic area. However if there are children topics in each of the categories it should expand and display the expanded hierarchy in the sidebar.
    Let me give an example:
    Topic 1
    –> Category 1.1
    –> Article 1.1.1
    –> Article 1.1.2
    –> Category 1.2
    –> Article 1.2.1
    –> Article 1.2.2
    Topic 2
    … and so on
    this should naturally stay in the side bar.
    In addition, say I click on “Category 1.1” I would want the content in the middle of the page to have the titles of the children with a summary underneath (rather than the first few lines of the post as I see customary… so there should be a special meta field for that). Similarly if I click on Topic it should have the different categories with a summary underneath.
    I cannot find anything with this feature in themes or plugins 🙁

    Next… say now I go to Blog, the sidebar should now be populated only with the categories which I assign to Blog. I don’t want to see the “Knowledge Base” menu in the sidebar anymore. In addition, the style is now different since I want the conventional list of posts with the title and first few lines.

    I think child themes or styles may help me here but I have no idea what what to look into. New to both WordPress and CSS. Truly, I should be able to right Articles or Blogs, and have them flow appropriately through the site depending on how I assign them to categories.

    Your help is much needed and appreciated.

    Thank you

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