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  • I have installed this mapping plugin:

    I use it to display KML data.

    Firstly, I do not want the google maps marker infowindow to be displayed. Originally i was using an iframe and tried to add this code to stop it displaying: “iwloc=&” as described here:

    But it didn’t work! From reading other posts, it seems WP might possibly be stripping out some code!

    Reading the KML reference guide ( that i should be able to add the following to my KML file to prevent the infowindow being displayed:

    But alas, even this does not work. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Secondly, i would like to display a tooltip when the user mouseover my KML markers. The KML reference says that all i need to do is add a name tag like this:
    <name>tooltip text here</name>

    This doesn’t work in WP either! Any suggestions?

    Finally, i wanted to add a hyperlink to the marker so that when it is clicked the user is sent to the relevant WP post. According to the KML reference, this can be achieved by adding a url to the <description> tag, like this:

    Can’t get this to work either. Any suggestions please?

    Perhaps this plugin does not support a full interpretation of the KML reference. Can anyone tell me one that does, or another way to solve these problems.

    Many thanks for your help.

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