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  • I am using Google Tag Manager for WordPress to create the dataLayer and event for GA Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in a solution using Klarna Checkout v1.11.5.

    It was working fine until a little while back, Nov 11th, when the transaction part of the EE tracking broke. The “thankyou” page no longer has the purchase EE dataLayer and there is no event. Apparently the GTM plugin no longer recognises the thankyou page, so maybe you can advise on possible causes and remedies.


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    Could you check whether you updated GTM4WP and/or Klarna on Nov 11th?
    I had several issues with Klarna before but my latest info is that it should work. Due to the very special way it integrates with WooCommerce (using an iframe) it is very hard to debug any specific issue and since Klarna is not available in my country, I can not even test it on my test sites.

    Hijacking this… Got the same problem since I updated Klarna. Seems like GTM4WP is preventing klarna from receiveing the order ID.

    From the log:
    “2019-11-22T09:02:23+00:00 INFO ERROR. Klarna Checkout order ID missing in kco_wc_update_klarna_order function. Redirecting customer to cart page.”

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    Thomas, sorry for the confusion. This one was for Klarna, but the info should make sense here as well.

    Dear Kristian,

    I does seem like there is a compatibility problem.

    To roll back the Klarna solution does not seem entirely safe to me. Which one breaks the other? Maybe a direct contact between Klarna and GTM4WP would be helpful.

    The versions involved are:
    WordPress 5.3
    Klarna Checkout v1.11.5 20K+ installations
    GTM4WP v1.11.2 300K + installations
    Woo v3.8

    General update was run Nov.19. No previous record.


    This thread from the klarna plugin forum seems to be covering the same issue(GTM4WP – Klarna datalayer issues) no solution yet though:

    Plugin Author Thomas Geiger


    Hi Everyone,

    I am happy to resolve this but to do so, I need to setup a test site with Klarna. Since my country (Hungary) is not available to open any Klarna account, I would be happy if someone could help me to connect with someone at Klarna.

    @duracelltomi you’re the best!

    Hi all,

    We now have a solution for this issue. We have released a new version of the Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce plugin (v1.11.6) that should take care of the problem and make it possible to use the Klarna Checkout together with GTM4WP again.

    Detailed information about the problem & the fix
    November 11, version 1.11 of Google Tag Manager for WordPress was released. In this version jQuery( 'input[name=payment_method]:checked' ).trigger( 'change' ); was added, and triggered when the WooCommerce checkout form was submitted – if no payment method previously was selected.

    For the KCO plugin this event was triggered when the confirmation page was rendered (the regular WooCommerce checkout page, but after the KCO purchase was finalized and the WooCommerce checkout form was submitted).

    In the KCO plugin we listen to this change event since it might be needed to switch checkout template file when switching to/from KCO payment method. However, this listener is not needed on the KCO confirmation page. We have removed this listener in version 1.11.6 of the KCO plugin and it should now be compatible with GTM4WP.

    Plugin Author Thomas Geiger


    Thanks @krokedil for your support and help to resolve this issue.
    I will also maintain my Klarna test site and when a new plugin version is released in the future, I will do my best to test it with GTM4WP as soon as possible.

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