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  • Hello
    I’m having some problems with ads on my site.
    There’s an overlay ad promoted by kixer that keeps popping up whenever I open my site on a phone. Is there a way to remove it?

    also, I tried to get into Adsense, but they didn’t let me register. I think it’s because my site hasn’t been up for 6 months yet, although I have the domain for 7 months already. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thank you

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  • Hi twiggyeah,

    are you on a self-hosted WordPress site with your own domain or hosted through I will assume that you have, but just wanted to make sure.

    Did you implement any ad codes that might cause the ads from kixer to show up?

    Domain age is not so important for AdSense, but content (quality and quantity) is. I don’t know about a 6 months rule, but will assume that there is not enough going on for AdSense to verify your domain yet.

    also, is “WordPress Ad Widget” like AdSense?

    i think i’m self-hosted. but i’m not sure. i run the site with some friends, and we’re just trying to figure things out by ourselves.

    to be honest, i have no idea. I didnt do the coding of the site, I’m a mere dummy in the html world. I’m trying to look for anything that could cause the ad to show up, but so far i havent.

    What is the URL of your site?

    “WordPress Ad Widget” is the name of a plugin and only to manage ad codes, but not an ad network that delivers the ad content and pays you for it.

    would the widget help in this case?

    thank you so much for helping me <3

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    I think your site would not qualify for AdSense because it might qualify as adult content.

    You could argue with me about that, but not with AdSense 😉

    I see some calls to networks like Taboola, Lijit and Sovrn on your site, so one of them or something else you implemented is very likely to blame for the ads popping up on mobile devices, too.


    when I tried to register, on the registering form, it said my URL was not fit for it. like there was something wrong with the URL, and not the content. I didn’t get past the form.

    adult content? really? oh my :/
    you try to create a fansite, but end up having a porn site. I sure didn’t see my life turning that way hahaha

    anyway, thank you so much. I’m gonna try to fix that. thank you again, you helped me so much ^^

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    I just want to pop in to say I’ve seen this as a symptom of a hacked website.

    hahaha now i have a hacked porn site. this day keeps getting better hahahaha

    oh well. now how do i fix THAT?

    I would not yet say that your site was hacked unless you and your colleague have indeed never put anything that uses ads on it (like a Taboola widget). If you did then the ads might come from there.

    I just wrote that your content might be seen as adult content. Porn would obviously be adult content, but your site features pictures that might just not be family friendly because of a lot of skin, but not because of nudity. It might still be that you just weren’t approved because of the age of the site.

    Right now, I would try to find any piece of external scripts and remove it in order to see if the ads on mobile are coming from there.

    hahah i understand. although she is a kid’s show actress, she’s not her character.

    some partner site were hacked recently, so that does light a yellow light in my head. but i dont think is likely that we were as well.

    i asked some friends who knows more about this, i hope they are able to remove these ads.

    again, thank you very much

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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