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  • Just a warning, I’ll be pulling the plug this weekend. I’ve decided not to run a seperate blog just for WP devlopment. One reason is spam, having 2 sites attracts twice the spam, and while I’ve done a lot to mitigate the problem, and have shared those solutions to the wider WP community, keeping track of legitimate comments an providing support has taken it’s toll. This also means that I’m closing my anon CVS.

    So I’ll only be maintaining my primary blog at:
    and hosting all of my WP devlopment on the new WP plugins repository at:
    Each plugin will have a page on the repo wiki, and I’ll work with uses to build up the documentation. Also, I’ll be maintaining a redirection page so that existing pointers to my devblog won’t break, and all of the links will be consolidated in one place. I’ll also have a static page on my main site for each plugin with descrptions and such.

    Matt has provided a great resource in opening the plugin repo, and I’m going to take advantage of it. I’ll also be lightening my load and hopefully be able to be more productive.

    One word of warning, my development efforts in the future will not be as end-user friendly, and I’m still debating whether I will continue to provide prepackaged tar/zip files.

    I will be gearing my projects towards the latest features of WP and exploring the most recent advances in the API, and not focusing on backwards compatibility.

    One such example is the 1.0rc4 version of Spaminator, it is now fully set up to deal with comment/trackback/pingback spam including the latest wave of ‘gross out pr0n’ spam, BUT you must be running a CVS/nightly version later than today to take advantage of it.

    I hope to be able to contribute more code to the core of WP also. building on the features I’ve already had added. In the meantime, happy blogging!


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  • Cool. Thanks for coding for WP Kitten!

    Nothing stays the same. But good to know you’ll still be plugging away.

    Cheers Kitten!

    Yes, thanks for what you do! Keep up the good work!

    First the moose, and now Kitten…. who’s next? The gnome?



    Kitten is simply moving all of her devblog stuff onto the site. It’s kind of the “sourceforge” of the wp-plugin development scene.

    Your antlers must be on too tight NM, as it was supposed to be tounge in cheek. I was simply poking fun at the fact that there seems to be a few (a very small few) blogs closing – mine included, as I switch over to a new web address as well. Granted your closing was a bit more …. um how shall we say, permanent and not a simple “site moved” kind of thing.


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Kitten – I’m updating the Comment Spam page .. where shall I link your files to ? I could host the ones that are currently available for download along with any caveats as to WP versions ?

    DOH! My moostake. It’s not my antlers that are too tight, it’s my tights…
    (just TRY and get THAT image out of your head!)

    BTW, the tights are a leopard print with fur trim. 🙂

    Podz, visit the redirect page (I’ll post here when it’s up), that’ll give pointers to all the links.

    Now closed.

    All requests for pages will be redirected to:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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