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  • I installed wordpress 3.0.1 on xampp. I am running windows 7. The issue Im having is when I create a page and edit it the html button is greyed out. All I have is the visual editor but there is no kitchen sink. Please dont tell me how to turn it on. I use wordpress everyday on a regular server and dont have this issue. Also another crazy thing thats happening is when I want to trash a page or post or click on the media button I am redirected to yahoo. Strange happenings going on. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • One more thing. On any page or post I wish to edit, I can see the cursor move as I type but no words are showing up on the edit page or post. If I preview the page I can see the writing, just not when Im typing it.

    >>RE: Kitchen sink not accessible

    I too have a similar problem except all I have it the HTML editor. I downloaded my site from the remote server, installed it on my localhost/MAMP server and imported the database via phpMyAdmin in MAMP. I haven’t done any editing or anything but on inspection the kitchen sink and the GUI editing capabilites for posts and pages isn’t there.

    The text in the Visual window sometimes is white so it doesn’t look like its there. Sometimes its black but ALWAYS the information in that window is HTML not the Visual preview.

    Did you find a solution?

    I’m still having this problem. My kitchen sink isn’t working. The text in the editor has become white so it looks like there is nothing there but there is. If you switch to the HTML view and back you will see HTML even on the Visual view.

    I’ve searched this forum and followed the instructions posted by Theme Diva which said to deactivate all plugins, switch themes, and lastly reset the plugins folder. I have even removed all plugins. Done all that and it still is a problem both in MAMP and on the remote server.

    I work with a lot of sites and not sure which one this referred to at the time of post but I have this issue for one of my MAMP projects and it seems to keep coming back.

    I am going to reinstall everything starting with WordPress 3.0.4 and bring my data back manually and see if there is something in the database that is causing the problem but I sure hate doing it that way. Hoping for a better solution.

    For the sake of my forgetfulness, for posterity or for anyone else who finds these unattended cries for help I will post what I found fixes the problem. This has happened to me more than once and with more than one site.

    First I will restate my situation:

    Using MAMP Pro (using a Macintosh) on my localhost (but it can happen on your remote server too)

    Currently using WP 3.0.5

    Reinstalled tinymce (located in the includes/js directory. (Didn’t help but it has in the past so you may want to try this first)

    9 plugins installed and turning them all OFF did nothing to help.

    4 of my plugins needed updates. Oh only I wish I had updated them one at a time.

    • Akismet 2.5.3
    • Contact 7 2.4.3
    • Reveal IDs for WordPress Admin 1.2.1

    Not sure which one was the culprit but I can at least report that after updating these plugins (even though turned OFF0 the Kitchen Sink is now visible. I also turned them on and the KS is still working fine.

    Other helpful posts are found here but they address previous versions of WordPress:

    Visual Editor appears as HTML in 2.9 Mentions an interesting “delete revision” plugin

    2.8 Problems and Solutions Documents various possible issues with tinymce.

    Good luck you all!

    hey there

    I had the same problem – it was driving me totally nuts all day!!

    Here’s what I did to fix it…

    renamed wp-includes folder
    downloaded wp3.1
    uploaded new wp-includes folder
    installed delete-revision plugin and ran it. deleted 73 revisions
    re upload wp-includes/js/tinymce folder
    deleted original renamed wp-includes folder
    deleted newly uploaded wp-includes folder
    re uploaded wp-includes folder
    Now deactivating plugins
    deleted AIOSEO as it’s caused a conflict in the past


    After reactivating one at a time – have found the culprit…

    PROBLEM PLUGIN: Embedded Video

    Good Luck!


    I had the same problem too guys, after un-installing my theme by uploading a new one then removing the original & uploading it again I still had the same problem…

    Then I decided to check my plug-ins, I have about 4 or 5 on my blog so I decided to de-activate them 1 at a time. I deactivated the 1st one, went back to edit a post & hey presto!!



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