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  • I have tried the widget and shortcode of ‘Kindle This’ and it brings up the message:

    setting data, back from ajax:done, Document sent to kindle

    I’m not receiving anything.

    I have my email address on the kindle, do I just put in the first part of this in the Kindle email address and the full email in the approved email?

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  • Plugin Author kpgraham


    If you send me your blog page I can try it out with my kindle.

    You give the plugin your kindle email without the

    The authorized email is the one that shows on your kindle page:


    Hi Keith,

    If you go to the bottom of this page, just above the form, you’ll see where I have added the ‘Kindle This’ shortcode.

    This is perfect for my site, so it would be good to have it working.



    On my last test, I got the email through to my email address, but not the Kindle?

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    You will receive notification by email.

    You kindle will not receive the file until you connect via wifi and not 3G. It uses the web address.


    I’m new to the Kindle, so just figuring it out.

    I click on menu>>sync & Check for Items, but nothing comes through.

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    It won’t sync with 3G. You must connect to your home wifi to receive the file.

    Yeah, I only have wifi, no real need for 3G when I’m pretty much chained to the desk 🙂

    I tried this from my website and received this message from Kindle:

    Dear Customer,

    The following document, sent at 07:38 PM on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 GMT could not be delivered to the Kindle you specified:
    * some page here.html

    The Kindle Personal Document Service can convert and deliver the following types of documents:
    Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
    Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    HTML (.htm, .html)
    Text (.txt) documents
    Archived documents (zip , x-zip) and compressed archived documents
    Mobi book

    Images that are of type JPEGs (.jpg), GIFs (.gif), Bitmaps (.bmp), and PNG images (.png).
    Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents are delivered without conversion to Kindle DX, Second Generation and Latest Generation Kindles.

    Adobe PDF (.pdf) can be converted to Kindle format and delivered on an experimental basis.

    If the document that failed belonged to one of the above document types, please ensure the document is not password protected or encrypted. Note that the Latest Generation Kindles support password protected PDFs.

    Helpful tips for personal document attachments:

    The file size of each attached personal document should be less than 50MB (before compression in a ZIP file)
    The email submitted should not contain more than 25 attached personal documents

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    I will check on my site and see what is happening.


    Also, I think the format has been deprecated…?

    Plugin Author kpgraham

    (@kpgraham) is indeed being phased out. It may still work for some Kindles, but it appears to not work on Kindles without 3G.

    My guess, although I can’t find documentation, is that you will use wifi to get documents, but may be charged if you don’t. You will have to see the wispernet limits to $0.00 to prevent being charged for converted documents.

    I will change the code and place a warning in the setup screen.

    The widget should be up as soon as I can test it. I do not have wifi at my day job so I’ll fix the code today and test tonight it I can find time.


    Thanks Keith, I’ll check it out when you have a new version on here.

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    I made many several changes. Users can now specify if it works for them. All the amazon documentation says it still works. I also added the word “convert” in the subject line which appears to be a new requirement.

    2.2 version should work.


    still not working – I’m using the latest version of WP.

    Error message 1 wwhen using

    setting data, back from ajax: invalid address:usr@done,Dcoument sent to Kindle

    Error message 2 when using

    similar to above but… @could not instantiate mail function. There was error sending the email to Kindle.

    Shame because it’s a good idea!

    I added it to my new site last night, and it worked ok.

    It worked differently for two different users, the test page was stored in one user’s documents on Amazon, but not the other’s, but it did work 🙂

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