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  • don’t choose the subfolder option. it’s buggy, I changed it once, and now I have 2 subfolders because WPB2D keeps alternating between them. Lucky I have space, or else your backups are toast. Not to mention it’s impossible to delete large folders from dropbox. I have to clean up by selecting 1000 files at a time and deleting.

    this plugin also keeps overloading the CPU usage for some reason, but not while it’s running so much as when it finishes. My site goes down for a about 30min each time WPB2D is done. Of course CPU is elevated during backup too (10hrs+), so you have to time the finish to happen when nobody is visiting for at least 30min. Even partial backups take this ridiculous time.

    also the DB backup doesn’t work, eg I ran it daily for 2 weeks and it only generated 1 DB 1 week ago ignoring recent changes.

    and of course it doesn’t sync files so you have to clean it up yourself, and there’s also no way to restore files, you’ll have to DL from dropbox to your PC, then UL from PC to host.

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