• winterk80


    Might be fine for smaller sites. We have a lot of images like 25k of images according to this extension. Made it about 10% through crashed, tried again similar crashed. Then the extension broke and we couldn’t even get it to load for a 3rd time. I also suspect it’s causing either a conflict with the other image extension we use. uninstalled it.

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    When there is an issue, always check your PHP Error Logs. It’s important to know who/what is the culprit.

    It works on huge websites, I do have big ones; it doesn’t matter for the plugin.

    About crash, it’s using asynchronous requests; so basically if another plugin crashes during that time, or your server starts rejecting requests, it will “crash” but it’s not the plugin itself that does that unfortunately.

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