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  • Multisite. Addons won’t download due to my host having security features in place, plus they run litespeed if that makes a difference. No problem, just download multisite extentsion from github and upload to aam folder in wp-content he says. Did that and it worked for a couple of days and now asks me to download latest version of extension. Did that and it still says extension not loaded, download latest. (and you want me to buy the bundle?)

    Very archaic way of doing things imho. Other plugins don’t seem to have an issue with addons. They download and install by themselves without me having to manually download and upload it.

    The interface is kind of archaic as well with the unnecessary ajax. Just makes for a whole lot of waiting which is supposed to be what ajax prevents. Over thought out. Keep it simple.

    I think I’ll go back to using something else. My one contact with the dev was similar to other’s experience. Kind of a rude dude that automatically assumes it’s you, not him that’s the problem.

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  • Noel


    sorry to hear about this. We are continuously making the AAM plugin better as new versions are being releases. We are noting every suggestion and recommendation our users are throwing at us. Thanks for the review.

    Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk



    I really appreciate your review. You definitely took time to get familiar with AAM and what it does. Also really appreciate your opinions.

    First of all, GitHub is not the place to download stable version of extensions. This is for developers and they are not always in-sync. However after your feedback I made sure that all codebases are up-to-date.

    I would argue about “archaic” UI or “archaic way of doing things”. Keep in mind that when you are talking about access and security to something you probably do not take in consideration environment that somethings exists in. Its relationships to other things, its placement in the hierarchical structure of things etc.

    AAM UI and concepts were distilled from thousands of emails and feedback that I’ve been getting in past 7 years. So the way everything is wired is not just one person opinion so please be mindful of this.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just need to have an honest opinion about access management in WordPress.

    Thank you,

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