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Kind of a mess

  • Hi everyone. I hope this is the right section for my problem Ok, let’s try explaining…

    I installed wordpress on localhost. Everything worked fine. I uploaded my theme, built my website. Everything perfect. When the website was ready, I decided to move it to remote host. LOT of problems with this. I modified my wp-config, uploaded everything via http://FTP...
    At the end my website wasn’t running neither on remote host nor on localhost. I got quite confused, so tried to go back to the starting point and restore everything as it was before, but didn’t succeed. Now when I try to access the website on localhost, the 5 minute installation page shows up.

    I’ve to mention that, having modified the wp-config after my mySQL db name, I first tried to see again my website on localhost by renaming the localhost db name itself, giving it the same name as the mySQL db. Now I know I shouldn’t do this, expecially because now it doesn’t let me rename it with its original name. When I try it says ther’s an error (Message from MySQL #1146 – Table ‘my localhost db name.wp_commentmeta’ doesn’t exist).

    I suspect this might be the problem… Perhaps should I manage to rename it as before, it would see that wordpress is already installed and it wouldn’t show me the 5 minute installation page. But I don’t want to make things even worse…

    Maybe someone here can clue me in on what’s happening and how to sort things out?

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