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    I’ve been using this calendar on another site for a long time and love it. However, I’m building another site (now in a dev environment so I can’t give a live link) and using a new theme, KLEO. I was getting very weird and inconsistent problems with the standard WP search and search results page. Sometimes it would be perfect, sometimes it would show me how many results it found for the search term but not complete the loading of the page (side widgets and footer gone), and sometimes get the WSOD (white screen of death). Not thinking it was the Calendar, I went to KLEO support. Lo and behold when we deactivate the Calendar, search works fine. Could still be something conflicting between the 2, but of course their comment is that if everything works with the Calendar deactivated, then it’s the calendar.

    I thought it might be just the widget, so I removed the widget from the sidebar. Still same breakage. Only fixed when completely deactivating 🙁

    Is anyone using KLEO or another theme reporting this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d hate to move to another calendar.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Did a little more digging. Since this is a dev env, and I had used it before. I didn’t go play with every option. I also imported some old events as a test, and the calendar as well as the widget worked, so silly me I never went to the Settings page. So when I arrived on the settings page, I was presented with an ugly message:

    Fatal error: Declaration of Ai1ec_Html_Setting_Select::render($output = ”) must be compatible with Ai1ec_Html_Element_Settings::render($output = ”, $wrap = true, $hidden = false) in site/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/html/element/setting/select.php on line 12

    In searching support, I found this thread: Fatal error: Declaration of Ai1ec_Html_Setting_Select

    There was no final resolution to this problem, so I’ll wait on both.

    Hi @ddonzal,

    Can you confirm your host’s version of PHP? It seems like this error is related to the PHP version 7.1 or 7.2.

    We recommend using PHP version 5.6, up to version 7.0 (7.1 and up is currently unstable with our plugin). Our development team will fix the compatiblity for the next release of the core calendar plugin (TBA), but in the mean time, you can switch down to an earlier version of PHP.


    I’ll drop it down and do some testing and see how it goes.

    On a side note (and really not trying to be negative), you might be able to say that it’s been tested with WP 4.9.9, but is it really compatible? WP suggests 7.2.

    Thanks for the quick reply,

    7.0 works.

    ETA on core update to 7.2?

    Hi @ddonzal,

    Thanks for confirming.

    I checked with the Development team today on an ETA for the core release. Unfortunately with the amount of work being done there is no ETA as of now (it is TBA).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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