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  • I sat for a half-hour with tech support team from my hosting service, both of us convinced that it had to be corrupted database. My last ditch effort: Kill off all of the plugins. The image appeared. Re-Activate each plugin individually and this plugin was the culprit.
    See Image Error Here

    Originally, my home “page” was a post and I had an image slider on top of the image. Tech support initially blamed the slider. So, I stripped out all of the slider’s code – problem still there. Then, I changed; created a page and made it the landing “page” instead of a post. The problem was still there. Then, I changed the image file itself, and even uploaded a new “fresh” version of the original image – the problem was still there. I also upgraded my WP engine to the new 4.0 version – problem still there.

    A re-dial to tech support and another twenty minutes and the guy gave up on me: “I don’t know what to tell ya – I’ve never seen that before.”

    Hint: This is only on the main page (or post). Everything else is just fine. Other pages/posts display images just fine.

    You’ll even notice – if the img does not exist – then it should simply display a broken image (the little generic blue broken…”thing”). This is displaying a corrupted pathname!

    Kind of a head-scratcher – but that was the problem! Who woulda thunk?!

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