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  • Squirrly SEO purposefully kills all CSS and all JS from all themes and all plugins when displaying their settings pages (except for a select few hard-coded exceptions like Yoast SEO, bbPress, and WordFence).

    Squirrly SEO also hides ALL notices from ALL themes and ALL plugins, except for their own (lol), in their settings pages by using .notice:not(.sq_notice) { display:none!important; } in their global.min.css and fullwidth.min.css files.

    Squirrly SEO, please consider changing your ways and not doing this:


     42     /**
     43      * Prevent other plugins javascript
     44      */
     45     public function fixEnqueueErrors() {
     46         global $wp_styles, $wp_scripts;
     47         $corelib = array('admin-bar', 'colors', 'ie', 'common', 'utils', 'wp-auth-check', 'dismissible-notices',
     48             'media-editor', 'media-audiovideo', 'media-views', 'imgareaselect', 'mce-view', 'image-edit',
     49             'wp-color-picker', 'migrate_style', 'jquery-ui-draggable', 'jquery-ui-core',
     50             'wordfence-global-style', 'ip2location_country_blocker_admin_menu_styles', 'wf-adminbar', 'autoptimize-toolbar',
     51             'yoast-seo-adminbar', 'bbp-admin-css', 'bp-admin-common-css', 'bp-admin-bar', 'elementor-common', 'ithemes-icon-font',
     52             'wordfence-ls-admin-global', 'woocommerce_admin_menu_styles', 'besclwp_cpt_admin_style', 'uabb-notice-settings',
     53             'besclwp_cpt_admin_script', 'itsec-core-admin-notices', 'sandbox-website', 'flatsome-panel-css','wordfence-global-style','ame-custom-menu-colors',
     54             'wordfence-ls-admin-global', 'wordfenceAJAXcss', 'wpf_admin_style', 'wf-adminbar', 'wpf-graphics-admin-style', 'wpr-admin-common',
     55             'qubely-bundle','qubely-options'
     56         );
     58         foreach ($wp_styles->queue as $key => $queue) {
     59             if (!in_array($queue, $corelib)) {
     60                 unset($wp_styles->queue[$key]);
     61             }
     62         }
     64         foreach ($wp_scripts->queue as $key => $queue) {
     65             if (!in_array($queue, $corelib)) {
     66                 unset($wp_scripts->queue[$key]);
     67             }
     68         }
     69     }
     71     /**
     72      * Clear the styles from other plugins
     73      */
     74     public function clearStyles() {
     75         //clear the other plugins styles
     76         global $wp_styles;
     77         $wp_styles->queue = array();
     78     }

    or this:

    div.fs-notice.updated {


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  • Plugin Contributor Florin Muresan


    Please check it now.

    We’ve released an update for this.

    However: it only affected things while the user was inside the wp-admin zone for one of the sections in our plugin. there’s no reason for why other plugins should interfere in that section. It usually only messes up the UI and UX for the users, which is why we decided to do that in the first place. Otherwise, we need to keep telling our users to switch off other plugins until they can see which plugins are causing the problems. (since it’s clearly not our fault)

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