• Right now I’m pretty upset with the “User Registration” plugin.

    After installing User Registration a couple days ago, I’ve been doing some testing and decided that it does not fully meet our requirements. We did not have the level of detailed form formatting that we wanted. So we decided to deactivate this plugin.

    As soon as we deactivate the plugin, our Beaver Builder page builder no longer works. When we try to edit a page using Beaver Builder, the page has no Beaver Builder framework. In fact, the page no longer includes the WordPress management bar that is normally at the top of the page. It looks like we’ve been logged out of WordPress, which is not the case. Our WordPress dashboard page is still active and we remain logged into the dashboard.

    Beaver Builder is not the only plugin that no longer works properly. The first thing we noticed is that our Disk Player plugin no longer opens a media window when we click on an add media button.

    Thanks to SiteGround hosting, we have daily backups available. I had to go back 3 days to find the backup that preceded installation of the “User Registration” plugin. When tested, every other backup suffered from the same fatal problem with Beaver Builder and the other plugins.

    If you are using this plugin. Make sure you have good backups available. And test the deactivation process to make sure it does not kill your website.

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  • Plugin Author wpeverest


    Hi fcarothers,

    First of all sorry for the inconvenience caused. However, our team tested our plugin with Beaver Builder and it seems to be working fine without any issue. We were not able to replicate any kind of issue you are referring to. So if you can provide us information on how to replicate the issue we will be more than happy to help you out. Please do contact us directly from here https://wpeverest.com/contact/

    Also, after reading your issues, it really doesn’t make sense to hear that our plugin affecting beaver builder and another plugin after deactivation. Once a plugin is deactivated, it’s code is not executed. Not a single line of our plugin’s code executes once the plugin is deactivated. Also, we don’t have any such activities running on plugin deactivation. It simply deactivates itself. I guess, the issue you have is caused by something else. You are simply making a guess that our plugin is creating this issue. Also, this is the first time someone has ever pointed such issue, prior to this none of our users have ever reported any such issue. So our guess is that there shouldn’t be any problem and moreover, we tested our plugin with Beaver builder without any issue.

    If you can provide us more detail about the issue, so that we can somehow replicate it then we will be more than happy to assist you. It’s sad to see someone posting a one-star rating based on a hunch. We would really appreciate if you could update your rating and accept our help instead.

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