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  • I’ve never used the calendar, either on my site or anyone else’s. Although I personally think they’re pretty close to useless as a navigational aid, not to mention I don’t like the additional clutter in my sidebar, when I read got done reading that article (and comments) at 1976design, I remembered: call ’em blogs, call ’em portals, call ’em whatever you like, but these are still, at heart, *personal* pages. If you like it, use it! It’s trivial to remove if you don’t want it.
    I think I like the *idea* of the calendar, but the reality is that, for me, they take up screen space and serve no useful function. Southern Gal’s got a kinda neat new script on her page, a calendar that pops up a hover when there’s an event on a particular day. That’s theoretically more useful (in case I ever want to know what SG’s doing on a given day), but practically speaking, not something I’d use either. There’s lots of stuff on blogs I don’t personally use or want on my blog…shoutboards, galleries, and music streamers…but now I’m curious..what (besides content) do people want to *do* on a web page? Play games? Listen to music? Look at pictures? What’re your favorite ‘optional items’?

    *LOL* Cena, I really have that for me and my friends that read the blog. 🙂 If you really want to know what I’m doing each day, I can plug you into my Outlook and PDA. 😉 I have birthdays and that’s about it on there right now. I did put the navigational calendar back on the blog this weekend, for balance on the sidebars, I think the hover thingie is quite cool on that too.
    I had a shout box on my blog a while ago, but no one ever really used it, so it was a waste of bandwidth.
    I just really have the blog, nothing more on it than I need or want. If I wanted to set up a site for games, it wouldn’t be there. 😉

    Craig, there is a hover on the b2 calendar. If you go to my site, you will see. 🙂 The title of each blog entry is attached to the date.
    I don’t use it except for reference once in a while with the hover. I use my search more than anything else. 🙂

    why not integrate a schedular functionality in the blog as a calender is already there! as a mod/hack/plugin ofcourse… :p

    LOL…I saw that, but didn’t make that point clear in my post. I guess I *should* have asked you about the flexibility of the calendar, and how much it could be customised to say, post the titles of each article you have posted. I’m assuming that it would be, but you never know! 😛

    I think the calendar should stay in the default template, if only so that people can see how it’s implemented; if they don’t like it, they can edit it out. I don’t use it to navigate, but I find it useful in gauging the frequency of updates when I visit a blog. And it gives me more css to play with when I’m skinning 🙂

    It’s how the calendar came, Craig. I guess I’m not reading your post correctly??!! I didn’t do anything to the b2 calendar to make it do that.

    LOL — the limitations of text-based communication, eh? I am curious to know how must customisation one can do with the events calendar.

    I think it will a good thing if it was possible to turn the calendar on/off as Craig aka NuclearMoose says.
    A better wau to use calendar as navigational aid is mentioned here by Craig aka NuclearMoose

    I would prefer the option of turning it on or off rather than killing it completely.

    Oooooooh the events calendar. I have that hacked to bits. 🙂 There’s a link on my front page, just download it and let me know if you want any help, Craig.

    *scratches head* why do people need an admin option to turn the calendar off when all they have to do is delete <?php include(“b2calendar.php”) ?> from their template?
    I’m all for making things easy for the non-technically-adept, but anyone capable of installing WordPress is surely also capable of deleting an include.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Yeah, the calendar functionality isn’t going anywhere. Just remove the line that calls it if you don’t like it. BTW, the calendar is much improved in 1.0.

    I would never delete ANY PHP code from any of my pages…lol…I’d just comment them out. Commenting out the calendar is the thing to do if you don’t want it. If you actually KNOW what you’re doing, then delete the unnecessary code.
    I’m still too wet behind the ears with WP and PHP to begin adding/deleting code. Maybe some year! 🙂

    *LOL* Craig! That include is in the template section of the readme.html. If it wasn’t I would probably just comment it out as well. 🙂 *LOL*

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