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  • In less than a week I have been booted from 2 different servers for high cpu usage.I have no idea how to troubleshoot this and really could use some help.The blog is .Any help in fixing this problem would be most appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

    [Update]I removed two plugings, Brian’s Latest Comments and Alinks.My other host did tell the problem was on the index page so I was thinking maybe those were the problem.Still need advice though.

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  • I dont think ALinks caused that problem because im using it on my blog.

    And i see that you’re using Ultimate Tag Warrior as well, but because i use it too then there’s no problem with UTW.

    as for the other plugins you’ve installed on your blog like Quoter plugin, Contact Form, WP Pager, Live Comment Preview, Lightbox, etc .. i dont know about it. But try disabling these plugins first.

    Btw how many visitors did your site get daily ?

    The site is fairly new and just took off in the past few months.We average anywhere from 1,000-2,000 unique visitors a day.We are not that big and because I don’t know what CPU usage is or what causes it to spike up I have no idea how to begin to fix it.We get a lot of traffic from Google Images as of late- don’t know if that is important.

    Btw, the site is down again and my hosting company wants me to move to a $60 VPS thingy.Gosh I don’t wanna shell out sixty bucks a month for hosting 🙁

    Can anyone offer assistance? My site has been offline for over a day now and because I have been botted from 2 different companies finding new hosting may not solve the problem.I have to find out what can be the problem. 🙁

    I’ve gone through similar problems with 2 hosts. My current host, DreamHost, helped a ton to solve the problem and said to get rid of Brian’s Latest Comments and to make sure to have WP-Cache.



    Ok, search my username on here and you’ll find I too have been struggling with this. My host Westhost said I had problems on their VPS, but when I moved the blogs to my own dedicated server, no problems existed. I am now hosting some of the blogs on Laughing Squid and they are running very nicely.

    I think the problem has to do with the host and somewhat with WordPress. Yes, wrodpress has some small problems, but in general it is your host that needs to fix themselves-_Westhost is great in soem ways but sucks in many other ways.

    Wow your site looks like a busy site, and i think you should try to use WP-Cache first as thugparlay said, or try disabling unused / rarely used plugins.

    But if you want to change host, make sure to check them first and read every review carefully. hint : try searching for grid server

    As for the CPU usage, it can be caused by many things, especially if you’re using dynamic page (in this case it was php) and your site get lots of visitor daily

    hey, Bhoney,

    how can I contact you? can you pass me an email where I can contact you? Did you solve your problems? contact me: ovizii @

    Thanks everyone for responding 🙂

    I was up all night looking for new hosting and have found one.I haven’t re-uploaded my site though as I want to have a plan of action before I put it back online.

    Concerning wp cache, there is a cache.php file in wp-includes so if this is what everyone is talking about, I have it and it didn’t help.

    I will of course remove all plugins not used and Brian’s Latest Comments.I can’t help but somehow think that google images is somehow responsible for this.I had the Slimstat plugin and the last few days my main referer became google images.

    Ovidiu, I will contact you and post back what happens when I re-upload my site.



    No, wp-cache is a plugin. It must be downloaded and installed. You should not move hosts until you install wp-cache, as it may be a waste of time and money. Here is the link to download:

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