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  • I dig it.

    Nice and simple theme, loaded quickly too. The logo/header is good as well. Anyway, here are a few suggestions that you can work on:

    1) Use feedburner for feeds.

    2) Get more content, more posts. The content on your blog is mainly pages, or posts that does not apear on the front page. I would suggest you keep get an updated homepage where you new posts apears…

    3) use the voting buttons on your posts instead of static social buttons that you now have. Also, i suggest not to have more than 5+ buttons, else it won’t look professional.

    overall you got a good blog, keep it updated,

    Thanks for your feedback erikredzebra!

    And thank you too, AdsensePlugin. In response to your suggestions, keep reading.

    1) I haven’t quite figured out how to do the feedburner thingy yet. But it is on my list.

    2) I am writing more articles daily which I will be posting. However, with the particular theme that I chose, intrepidity, I have not been able to get the posts to show up in the sidebar, only as archived posts. It doesn’t have a widget for that… strange huh? I’m still looking for a solution.

    3) And thank you for the voting buttons idea. Are they useful?

    Anyone else wanna take a look?


    I like to put the the featured posts on the sidebar manually… however, most good themes will be able to do that easily. You can always choose a different theme… anyway, to put it manually, go to wordpress admin – appearance – widgets. Put a text widget on the sidebar from there and add the featured posts manually using html in the text area. If you want some basic html help, try watching some html videos on

    About the voting buttons, yes, they help. On blog posts where i have added social buttons the facebook likes and tweets have increased. With those increased social votes, i also see an improved search rank for those posts… social signals improves seo a lot more than what most people believe…

    Good to know that you are writing more content, keep it updated,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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