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    On there is a big map with markers. I realized the markers behave strange when the glossary plugin is enabled. So I researched and found the links get broken.


    <a href="" class="av-image-hotspot_inner" style=" ">29</a>
    <div class="av-image-hotspot-pulse"></div>

    Code with glossary plugin enabled:

    <a href="http://gruss-aus-<a">berlin</a>
    .com/zeitreise-zur-stunde-null/  class='av-image-hotspot_inner' style=' '>29

    You see the word “berlin” in the url of the link is being replaced. “berlin” is an entry of the glossary.

    I think the plugin should check if the word it tries to link is part of a href. And stop replacing or linking anything in this case of cause.

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  • Our plugin check for the html code but you can share the plugin with us that create that map to test?

    I see also that this is the home page and you can disable it on that page in the settings.

    The map is just an image with hotspots. This is no plugin – it´s included in the theme.

    I looked on the settings page but can´t see any option for disabling the glossary here. Might be tricky disabling a whole page – maybe a shortcode that can be placed around an element that should not be touched by the glossary would be fine – just an idea.

    In the settings page you have this:

    Ok, thank you – I found it.
    None of these checkboxes are enabled in my settings.

    You resolved with this option?

    No, unfortunately not. All the checkboxes “Enable also in following archives” were already not marked.

    I think the problem will occur on other pages also when the plugin replaces a word in an URL like it does in this example:

    <a href="http://gruss-aus-<a">berlin</a>
    .com/zeitreise-zur-stunde-null/  class='av-image-hotspot_inner' style=' '>29

    This will break any page because the link gets damaged – this is wrong html.

    Plugin Author Eugenio Petulla’


    Actually I can’t reproduce the issue, in our Regex there is a check for this (keywords in links) and it’s working in our demo site. I’m not able to figure out why it is not working for your map system!

    Search for the TEST word in the following page, there is a link that is using the keyword “blog” inside itself and it’s working without issues:

    Maybe your problem is not related to our plugin, I’m looking at the way you are rendering the pins on the map and it’s a little weird to me, because this map puts html tags into a html data attribute. It’s completely out of any coding standards so it’s very hard to debug for us. Sorry but I have to say: this is a wontfix for me T.T

    Ok, I surely understand you can´t fix the problem with my map.

    It would be interesting if you could add the term “code” to your site and see if this would alter the link “…to Codeat – Coders who knows marketing. This..” on

    And maybe some shortcode like [noglossary] Some content here [/noglossary] would be a good idea. I think there will always be some theme or other plugin that gets trouble by the glossary links. Using this codecode for marking some content on a page that doesn´t have to be touched by the glossary plugin could be an option for having a solution if anything does not work.

    Plugin Author Eugenio Petulla’


    Sorry for the delay in my reply.

    I did a lot of tests of this situation, now I added the term code and coding into the Demo site and it works as expected. I really don’t understand how it could happen in your website.

    Are the map pins a separate custom post type?

    If you want investigate more maybe is better to move this discussion on GitHub, here:

    Closed, we are moved to github

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