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  • i’m interested in hearing thoughts on the differences & pros/cons of keywords as opposed to tags? not being real blog-savvy i initially installed jerome’s keywords, which i think is great; i like how i can have the keywords inserted into the post’s meta-keywords as well as appear at the end of the post as links to search results — but then i started seeing how you can assign tags and link to the tagged posts (and god help me i just realized i’m not even sure what the real differences between a post’s tags and its categories are now…)

    at any rate, naturally i could use keywords AND tags, but isn’t this just sort of repetetive and perhaps adds extra queries that i don’t really need if i’m only going to be putting the same words for both?

    any thoughts are appreciated! 🙂

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  • using Jeromes keywords, I made the keyword meta tag like this:

    <meta name="keywords" content="<?php the_keywords(); ?>" />

    i do that as well, one of the many reasons i like jerome’s keywords 🙂

    anyone else with thoughts on tags? do you use them, or keywords, or both? and why?

    well, in case anyone is interested, here is some helpful thoughts on keywords vs tags vs categories from UTW author christine davis via her UTW forum (thanks christine!:)


    UTW allows a *lot* of flexibility in the way that you display tags on a post (and ways of displaying all of your tags in a few ways – tag clouds, and histograms and stuff);

    It also talks uses to make tag suggestions, which is pretty neat.
    You can also view an RSS feed of tagged posts (if you have a posts tagged bananas; you can view an RSS feed that contains those posts)

    Buut… it’s missing the meta-keywords and search stuff; which is why I’m suggesting you stay with keywords for now, and perhaps switch plugins later.

    As for tags vs categories
    + It’s way easier to add new tags on the fly than it is to add a new category
    – Categories can be organised into a tree, which can indicate the relationship of sub-categories to one another (and to the parent category)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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