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    It currently only allows you to save IPTC keywords or any extracted metadata to custom attachment meta.

    It’s actually not a bad idea but IMC does its work when the image is being uploaded and not attached to a post. So I think a more versatile solution would be another plugin that could extract attachment custom meta to any post taxonomy (tags, categories) when it is attached to a post.

    It seems there is no such plugin yet so I will take a look at it and hopefully would be able to do it by myself.

    Hey Peter

    Thanks ; so, just to be sure I understand correctly, I could add a new field, called Keywords, and use this plugin to extract the keywords from the IPTC data, and import them into the custom field. Then I can effectively use that new field pretty much like I use tags/categories?

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author peterhudec


    Yes but,

    When you upload an image WordPress stores it to database as a post of type attachment. The attachment post can then be attached to a normal article post.

    If you for example upload an image via media > add new, the image becomes an unattached attachment post and you can attach it later to any article post. But if you upload it via the add media button in the edit post or add new post form, then it becomes an attachment post attached to your current article post.

    Now, IMC would store your Keywords as custom meta of the attachment post and not the article post to which you attach it. You need a way (plugin) to extract and process selected custom meta from an attachment post when it is being attached to an article post.

    Uh that is quite an exhaustive answer 🙂

    It seems that currently there is no such plugin available 🙁

    Hey Peter

    I think I understand. So wp attaches the metadata to the attachment post, rather than the actual image file, right? So that would really work if someone wanted to search keywords, and displays the images with those keywords, and be able to browse through a kind of metafolder?

    This stuff is way too hard for me. 🙂


    Plugin Author peterhudec


    Hey man (I cannot guess your name :-))

    Exactly, wp takes an uploaded image file, creates an attachment post and populates it with data extracted from the file and saves the file to the wp-content/uploads folder.

    The attachment post is the image’s representation in the database.

    I’m not a wp expert either 🙂

    hey peter


    Funnily, I used to sign my posts



    and someone actually scolded me for it, saying it’s against the forum TOS to post a signature. So I stopped doing that. I bet you can guess my name now. 🙂

    Anyway, that last post above explains everything, perfectly, thanks.



    Plugin Author peterhudec


    Hey Carl 🙂

    Anyway, your suggestion is worth making a plugin.
    I’m currently working on something completely different but when I finish it I could do it. Unless some other volunteer does it first.
    BTW what a weird TOS!



    Hi Peter and Carl,
    So glad I came across this thread. I’ve been searching high and low for this very thing. I have a 400+ jpgs that all have metadata keywords that I want to retain when I upload them to WP. I need the meta keywords to act as tags so that anyone can search for specific images by keyword/tag.

    Plugin Author peterhudec


    Ok guys,
    When there’s three of you, I’ll do it.

    Three! i’m working on a sport site and the photographer has got a big archive of pics all with IPTC keywords and the author have to find theme in media by searching these keywords…

    Plugin Author peterhudec


    You shall have it, but it will take some time.

    I’m actually looking for a front-end solution so that visitors can search images by IPTC keywords. Not sure if that was clear in my previous post. Peter, do you think that’s possible?

    Plugin Author peterhudec


    I think this should work for you


    they say that it can:

    • Search Every Attachment (post type)
    • Search Every Custom Field (metadata)

    So if you set up IMC to extract metadata to custom meta it should find it by the extracted value.

    Let us know if it works if you try

    Ill try that and report back. Thanks!

    I’ve been looking for just such a plugin that’ll make use of iptc keywords and convert to post tags, FOR several days now. I used to use the yet another photoblog (YAPB) plugin, which, when combined with the YAPB Bulk upload plugin would convert keywords to tags. The problem with that system, however, is that the YAPB system doesn’t natively make the image thumbnails it creates available to wordpress proper for use as post-featured thumbnails. An inconvenient situation for one having hundreds of images to upload and having to create separate posts each with its own featured image.

    For further context, I hope to use this plugin we’re all looking for in conjunction with the Images 2 Post plugin located here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/images-2-posts/

    It allows you to bulk upload images, set the category,taxonomy, post status, and also set the image as the featured image right there. It’d be nice if the plugin could also take iptc keywords and set them as post tags as it created them.

    I’m curious, does the way I describe using such a plugin match how others might utilize it? It sounds like moonmood and I are on the same page.

    Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how a plugin would decide to add the appropriate tags to a mass of posts after they’ve already been created by another plugin… but I’m no WP programmer. I think what you’ve said Peter, about extracting attachment custom meta makes a lot sense to me, and would be the most versatile approach. I hope it’s possible to do this, I know that a plugin like this will have MASSIVE appeal to photobloggers.

    I’ll follow the thread and hope for some development soon 🙂 I’d gladly put some money up for the time this could save.

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