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  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if you can help me please. I use Yoast on our website pages and essentially make sure that a few of the key pages on our website have full green lights throughout in terms of Yoast.

    However, a number of pages on oue website all of a sudden now say that ‘keyword density is 0% & that the keyword was found 0 times.

    I cant figure out why it is saying this as the keywords are clearly on the page and I haven’t changed them – they have all been green in the past.

    It is also saying that they keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph, but again, it does and I am at a loss as to what to do next as these pages have always had green lights throughout.

    is anyone able to help please? I have tried everything unfortunately!


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  • Hi Nick30,
    with the help of Juliette from GitHub I’ve found out that this problem is likely due to the version of PHP; with PHP 5.3 the plugin is not working completely whereas with PHP 5.4.4 it’s working correctly.
    I hope this can help also in your case.

    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you very much for getting back to me – what do i need to do from this side please to resolve this and how do i do it?

    I very much appreciate your help on this too.

    warm regards,


    Hi Nick,
    I had the same problem after installing version 1.4.25.

    I found that my provider runs PHP 5.3.3, but I can’t ask him to upgrade to 5.4, of course.

    And so, since this is a WONDERFUL plugin, I decided to downgrade to 1.4.24 and everything turned good.

    I hope in the next version 1.4.26 to have back support for PHP 5.3.

    Best regards,

    I have this problem with 7 websites (same provider) as well. The recommendation to go back to version 1.4.24 has certainly helped – hope they bring back support for PHP 5.3 in the next update too.

    This is happening to me, but I have 5 sites on the same shared server, and the problem only happens in one.

    My host provider uses: 5.3.27

    Thank you guys for getting back to me.

    How do i safely go back to a version that will bring yoast back to normal for me?

    Thank you again for your help!


    Hey Nick

    The previous versions are found under the tab, “developers” for the plugin.

    I downloaded 1.4.24.

    The only way I know how to roll back is to deactivate and delete the new plugin and resinstall the previous version you want to use.

    You can upload the zipped file of the older version you save to your local computer from the above page under Installed Plugins, Add New, Upload

    This does mean having to set up the plugin again. (Before removing I recommend writing down your setup choices to make it easier to re-select them).

    There may be an easier way to roll back but this has worked for me (I’m no WordPress guru.)

    Hi Dubsy,

    I understand all of that and thank you.

    If i deactivate the old yoast/seo plugin, will i then lose all of my seo text that i have added into yoast?

    Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated!


    No Nick, you won’t lose the manual input SEO text on your pages and posts…
    You can also FTP delete the existing plugin folder/files, and FTP the new files to your site instead of un-instaling/re-installing through WordPress

    Thanks Mike, i will give that a whirl and see how i get on. Thanks for your help.


    The latest update has resolved this issue for me.

    @ Dubsy, did you have to do anything like update the pages again? I am now running on and I still have the issue of the wrong keyword density…

    I will try rolling back. I have the plugin vVersion 1.5.2 installed, and this issue has annoyed me for the last 2 updates.

    Thanks for the help.

    1.5.2 it started working again
    but its failing once more

    I’ve started a new thread for myself just in the hopes this issue might catch the developers eye if more of us report it. I see DWood is suggesting it could be an encoding bug.

    Still having the problem here too gang

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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