• I’m giving it 2 stars for nostalgic reasons.

    This was a great plugin as it simply worked.

    I took some time off and let my website just run…came back to a few updates and Locatoraid was one that needed updates.

    New update is very frustrating and I simply don’t have the time on how to build something around google again.

    Time to uninstall and find something that simply does its job again.

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  • Hi,
    thank you for your feedback. But you didn’t give any specific reasons why our plugin failed for you, apart from you not having enough time on how to build something around Google.

    If you are referring to setting up the maps API key, our plugin does depend on the Google Maps API, as any _other_ plugin that builds a locator with Google Maps. And for more than a year Google Maps needs an API key to work that does require a bit of time to setup. But it has nothing to do with our plugin.

    If you have any other issues, please let me know.

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