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  • This has been posted to trac..

    If *only* they will get on these “active tickets” though, and punch out 2.0.4 sigh.. =(


    I know the bug hunt went well, the “active” ticket count went from like: 11 to 25.. now it’s up to 28..and yet, not much of anything is being done sigh. =( If only I new PHP..I’d help, even then though..only the Devs can do SVN commits.. sigh.

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    OK. Thanks for the quick response. I’ve been doing some pretty heavy customization of the front page – including multiple, category-based, query loops. I thought maybe I had broken something in my installation, or that someone had accessed my server.

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    It is interesting to note that it seems to be related to another problem I have been having.

    My RSS feed doesn’t seem to update. Then it updtated, and the theme reverted.

    These two factors seem to be associated, but I don’t know which caused which.

    I just sent an email inregards to this, to the wp-testers list, at bottom of page.. and Ryan (Lead Dev) had said this:

    “The theme is reset to the default if the current theme appears broken with broken meaning that index.php or style.css are missing. If files are being deleted then replaced by some sync process, that could explain the theme reversion.


    Maybe this will help, or tell you something maybe. Double check if things are correctly placed and structured and what not.. I hope this helps.


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    Nope. But it started when I did some pretty heavy modification to the Index.php – so I’m wondering if some function isn’t working (like the aforementioned RSS feed update problem) and its reverting the theme.

    Could altering the index.php template break the RSS feed production? If so, how? Would creating/adding a specific RSS.php template (like I’ve seen in other themes) fix this?

    My guess on that is, it’s totally possible for things to be broken/ revert you back to whatever theme, because if it’s code isn’t just right.. it’s considered “broke”.

    I don’t usually put a theme up, without testing it first on the localhost.. so maybe try using the “default” feed urls once..also try, adding back whatever codes that were modified heavily..and see if that problem persists..


    With a theme I was working on, and me not good with PHP at all, period..I spent a few hours fixing what I missed, removed..over-added and so forth.. damn. Time consuming sigh..but, it’s part of learning hehe.. I love it!

    I am having the same problem.. but its not just with one theme. No matter what theme I pick, it eventually reverts back the default.. sometimes within 2 minutes.. sometimes in an hour.

    Ive even tried using a theme that I never touched/edited and it still happened?

    its driving me insane!

    With 2.0.5 I am having this problem on an hourly basis for two weeks and I have not picked up any solution at all

    I have probably come up with a solution, it seems that WP-Mobile plug-in designed by Alex King somehow conflicts with the installation, simply disabling the plug-in makes all the headaches go away.

    Credit for the solution Scott Burkett –

    As I said in the other thread this was posted in, you don’t need to disable it, simply install it correctly. If you don’t put the wp-mobile theme in the theme directory, and leave it in your plugins folder, when ever someone visits the site via a mobile device, and your site can’t find the correct theme, then it causes an error, reseting the theme.

    I have a friends blog that hasn’t been touched (as far as theme or code changes) in a very long time but recently (the past few days) has been doing this as well

    I too am having this problem and I have not installed the WP-Mobile plug-in designed by Alex King.

    Is there a way to trick WP into thinking that your current selected theme is the “default” theme? That way when it decides to switch the default is that which you have selected.

    Regardless this is very annoying.

    Im having the same problem, it started when i installed the “Simple Tagging Plugin”
    i disabled it and it stopped happening.

    Does anyone else who has this problem have this installed, or is this just coincidence?
    If it is causing it, any ideas on how to fix it?

    Sorry, I was wrong, it started doing it again. Man this is annoying.

    I disabled every plug-in and reverted to the “out of the box” theme. It still kept resetting to Kubric. So, I picked another theme and I have not had a problem at all. I even tweaked the theme and am running all the plug-ins. So, if you have this problem try changing themes. There’s no rhyme or reason to it but changing themes seemed to work. For whatever reason the Zen 2.0 theme would not work for me but the Artsemerging theme by Nathanial Stern would.

    Hope that helps a little.

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