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    Hi, I recently started using the Talroo plugin and everything seemed fine, but now it seems to be resetting itself because it clears out the values for my publisher id and pass. So if I put them back in and save it would work for a couple days, but now it only works for about a minute that jobs are displayed from talroo, then it seems to reset itself and clears my info so that no jobs are being displayed. I also noticed every time I login it tells me that the Talroo plugin has updated and is no longer called Jobs2Careers, seems odd that it would notify every time I log into WordPress. Appreciate your assistance with this issue.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi –

    Do you have the WP Talroo plugin deactivated? I don’t see it running on the URL that you provided. Please activate it and let me know the URL that it is running on.


    Hi, It is activated. I am able to go into the settings for WP Talroo in the WordPress dashboard and put in my Publisher ID and Pass, check the box to agree to show the logo, and select which page to display the jobs. Once I do that and click save it seems work, but then if I go to the page where the jobs should be displayed they are not there. So I go back and check the settings for WP Talroo and everything I input is gone and its asking me to enter the info again.

    Plugin Author boybawang


    That’s bizarre. Just to be clear, you are clicking ‘save’ in the back end, correct? What happens if you refresh the settings page in the admin section after clicking save? Do the settings persist?

    What more can you tell me about your WP installation? What version of WP are you using? What version of WP Talroo? Is this a multisite installation?

    Its WP Version 5.5.1 and I’m using Bluehost. WP Talroo Version 2.4. This is just a single site.

    Its odd because it was working fine, was getting clicks and paid through Talroo. Also everything looks good in Talroo, shows the API is active.

    Plugin Author boybawang


    Thanks for the info.

    Do you have a caching plugin installed? If so, please clear the cache and see if that helps.

    Please try disabling each plugin one-by-one and see if any one of them might be causing a conflict with WP Talroo.

    If the above steps don’t work, please try uninstalling and reinstalling WP Talroo to see if that helps.

    Okay thank you for the assistance, I will try these later tonight or tomorrow and let you know if it resolves the issue. Thanks again – Shawn

    Okay so it seems to be the Bluehost plugin. I have deactivated that plugin and the WP Talroo plugin is working now. Thank you for your the assistance, I greatly appreciate it as I am learning how to use the WordPress platform for websites.

    Plugin Author boybawang


    No problem. Thanks for the update.

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