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  • i have SocialChef theme.
    i installed the plugin, activated it.
    i return to my home page, and say that it did throw me out (logged me out automatically)
    that’s a normal behavior for a security plugin (after activation, cut all the connections)
    (1)but when i enter my username/password
    it wont let me back in!
    even my subscribers cant log in!
    ok! this is one problem.
    (2)whenever a user, enters his/her user/pass wrong (more than 3-4times [ i set it in the options how many times] ), everyyyyyone will be logged out automatically!! 😐
    even admin.
    for example u have 4 users: A, B, C, D
    user A = admin
    user B = author
    user C = subscriber
    user D = subscriber
    user D enters his/her user and pass wrong, 5 times.
    every 4 members will be logged out! 😐
    i use custom login page, which this plugin is not compatible with.
    when you get banned from getting log in, there would be no msg for you too see and warn you! U are banned!! try again to login in 15 minutes!
    no warning msgs! 😐

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  • Works for me on 20 sites with zero problems.

    System is based on IPs, so if properly setup, it will band a user by IP address, not by user name.

    If you have some kind of proxy where everyone is logging in via one IP, then yes, all users for that IP would be banned.

    Plugin works as it was designed, just not how you’re using it.

    Thread Starter Masoud


    you probably do own very simple and small sites πŸ˜‰
    i described in details for others. so if you don’t have problem, then i wish u luck!
    please read carefully, before try to comment…



    No, I manage large complex sites for over 20 years, with millions of page views per day.

    But guess you don’t want any help being master of your own domain. So wank it bitch.




    Actually, Neotrope’s explanation is exactly on target.
    The plugin does exactly what its description says it does.

    I also have a number of sites (11) that have been running this plugin for over a year and work as intended. While this plugin may not be loaded with a bunch of adjustments and settings and frills, it does one thing quite well, and that is, it prevents brute-force attacks by locking out users who attempt too many failed logins.

    Also, I use a custom login page on several sites and they work fine with this plugin. I do not use a plugin for that; I constructed my own Login pages using standard WordPress function calls and it works just fine.

    Masoud, I urge you to double-check your settings; perhaps there is some small setting you have overlooked that is causing you this grief. Or, sometimes fresh eyes can notice something you may have overlooked.

    Good luck.

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