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  • I have asked this on Simple Press’ forum but they have not even okayed my post yet, hours later, and many people cannot get on my site so I am desperate to know if ANYONE can help me…….

    I upgraded Simple-Press and made a new page called CLUB to put the forum on

    It changed the name of the page to club8 and would not revert back even though the page didn’t have an 8 on it.

    When I tried to go to my homepage (latest posts) it kept going to page club8 with the new forum on.

    I tried making it go to a different page and nothing changed.

    I deactivated the forum again but it is STILL going to page club8 which I have removed from the site, so now says Page not Found

    I tried making the homepage go to a different page on the site but it STILL tries to go to page club8 and so throws up a Page Not Found error for everyone that visits.


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  • Update

    I tried changing theme to see if something had been added there, I have looked at the htaccess but cant see anything there…..

    I made a new page and actually called it club8 making that the slug. It changed the slug to club8-2 and now reverts to that.

    I am absolutely at my wits end. I have a really popular site which is now basically screwed except that I can make a blog page template there but that’s not fixing it and I don’t really want to do that as I need to fix it not hide it.

    The only thing for me to do is scrap the whole site but I have had it 2 years and there is no way I want to lose all the work I have done there.

    I’m totally lost what to do next… 🙁

    It wasnt the forum it was wordpress. Its now done EXACTLY the same thing with the new site I just spent ALL night building because I couldn’t get rid of the problem. As soon as I made a new page it has made that the front page and I cant change it!!

    Its the pages that are doing it.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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