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    I have a Page with a list of JSAs(pictures)… each JSA is its own post… at the bottom of the post, I would like to put a clickable button.

    Once clicked… I need to keep track of:
    1) the user (user name – must be registered and logged in to work)
    2) the date(date stamp)
    3) the post title he/she is on

    So I’m thinking in my mind something like an added entry to a database each time the “clickable button” is clicked… something like this:

    | Doe, John | 9/14/2011 | PO-20 Plug and Abondon Well |

    I need it to keep track of 45 different employees all with various/multiple JSAs each month and then I need the ability to export them at the end of the month…. like in a CSV file so I could drop it into an excel file would be awesome…

    | Doe, John | 9/14/2011 | PO-20 Plug and Abondon Well |
    | Deets, Tim | 9/14/2011 | PO-11 Setting Meter Shed |
    | Doe, John | 9/2/2011 | PO-4 Frac Job |

    So my exact questions would be… where do I look to answer these questions? or is there a more plyable solution?

    Is there a plug-in that could allow me to setup such a database? (looked at DB-Toolkit, but it wouldn’t activate…fatal error and I’m not code savvy enough to get it working)
    How do I link the “clickable button” to the database?
    How do I make exportable CSV?

    And… is there any other ways of going about this? cforms? other plugins that would allow me to accomplish?

    Thank you so much for any help!

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