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  • Hi all! so i’m pretty new to all this, not a proper coder – but know the basics hence why i am using themes! i have searched the support doc and faqs with no love.

    I currently have a ‘under construction’ theme running and wish to add a new theme. However, I want to add all the content to what will be the main site will be. How can i set it up behind the under construction theme before I launch it.

    I would have thought I could point it to a new sub directory but am too chicken to ‘activate’ the new theme thinking it will replace the current theme.

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  • What about using a maintenance mode plugin instead of a under construction theme?

    There are a number of good ways. Personally I have an isolated, seperate install of wordpress which I build the site on. When its done I simply export and import the data and transfer the theme files across.

    @esmi its for a client so they require this landing page to be visuible at all times. but could be an option if need be. thanks 😉

    @thewebatom – I was thinking that however wasnt sure the best way to do it. I would need to setup a separate subdirectory yeah..? and install wordpress to that location. ( i have Simple Scripts on my hosting CP – and just use my main domain with a subfolder somewhere… and create a new WP login.. then export? or move the files to the other domain when done? oh so confusing lol )

    I always use a subdomain, but subdirs work to.

    The only files you will need to transfer are located in wp-content. That will include themes, plugins and uploaded media. To transfer the posts and pages, go to the ‘Tools’ menu in WordPress where you will find and exporter. Download the file it gives you onto your computer then use the import tool on the production site to upload it.

    *import/export tools are actually plugins now, so you will need to install them first.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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